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How to order standards through the portal of the Kazakhstan Institute of Standardization and Certification Printable version

Last update: 02.09.2021

Today, the RSE "Kazakhstan Institute for Standardization and Certification" of the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan actively operates an Internet portal, which greatly simplified the process of providing services on access to regulatory technical documents of state bodies, as well as national, interstate, international, regional standards and standards of foreign states.

Now for all those who wish it is not necessary to visit the competent department to receive the above documents. It is enough to go to the portal and select the section "Normative technical documents of state bodies" or go to the online viewing section of the texts of national and interstate standards, if necessary, to purchase standards.

All this can be done online quite quickly and simply on the portal of the organization To do this, you will need to perform the following actions:

  1. On the site enter the "Personal Cabinet", pass the "Registration".
  2. Authorize (enter "Login" and "Password").
  3. Select the required standard through the catalog.
  4. Add it to the "basket" and make an order "Pay".
  5. Check the order, after which an electronic invoice will be automatically generated for payment, which will be placed in the "My Accounts" section of the personal cabinet.
  6. Get the document: after payment the documents will be available in the section "Library" of the personal cabinet.

Payment of the order and issuance of the normative document on standardization:

For the convenience of the user, there are 3 ways of paying for regulatory technical documents:

  • by bank card;
  • an electronic account replenished in the personal account;
  • transfer to the account.

The first two methods allow the user to access the standards instantly after payment.
 The procedure for providing access to standards by transfer takes 10 to 60 minutes.

  • when paying for an order by transfer through a bank, issuance or access to the electronic standards library is possible in 1-2 days.

When printing a standard placed in the electronic library, a watermark containing the identification data is printed on each sheet:
Full name or the name of the organization, IIN or BIN, the name of the enterprise that submitted the stated normative document and the account number and the date of its registration.

What can I order on the portal?

Using web technologies, the company provides access to electronic versions of documents for various categories of standards, such as:

  1. STRK (Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan) - approved standards and requirements for goods and services within the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  2. GOST (Interstate Standard) is a standard adopted by the states that signed the Agreement on Conducting the Coordinated Policy in the Field of Standardization, Metrology and Certification.
  3. GOST R (State Standard of the Russian Federation) is the system of certification of the Register of Quality Systems of the State Standard of Russia.
  4. ISO (International Standard of the International Organization for Standardization ISO) is a standard for goods and services in all fields.

Thus, RSE "Kazakhstan Institute of Standardization and Certification" provides an opportunity for legal entities and individuals to save time on access to regulatory documents and ordering documents for standardization.

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