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Privatization of the housing received from the state Printable version

Last update: 22.05.2023

house in the palm of your handObtaining of public or official housing may take a long time, but it gives a good opportunity for privatization of real estate. In this article you will learn the procedure of privatization of property received from akimat and decisions connected with this matter. About the procedure of public housing obtaining you can learn here.

According to the paragraph 31 article 2 of the Law "On housing relations" privatization of housing - is an acquisition by citizens of occupied by them housing premises into the property in houses of state housing fund.

In other words, privatization - is a repurchase of state or official apartments into private ownership.

Who can privatize public housing?

Who can privatize housing free of charge?

What kind of housing can not be privatized?

What documents are required for privatization of housing?

What is the process of privatization of housing obtained from the state?


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