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Last update: 20.11.2023


Sometimes it occurs that for some reason there is a need to change a name, patronymic or surname of a child. This might happen if a child`s father changes name or when both parents change their surnames, etc. In the article, we will consider each case in more detail.

It should be highlighted that pursuant to the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Marriage (Matrimony) and Family", either parents or other legal representatives of a child give a name to a child. 

Thus, parents can give a double name written separately, but no more than two names. In case if a father has a double name, a child gets a patronymic for one of those names or a patronymic can consist of combined spelling of both names of a father.

When a father changes his name, a patronymic of his minor child changes too. If a child is grown-up, then a patronymic is changed upon submission of a relevant application.

A surname of a child is determined according to a surname of the parents. When the parents have different surnames, a child is assigned a surname of a father or mother as agreed by parents.

Disagreements that have arisen between the parents regarding a name and (or) surname of a child are settled in court.

If paternity is not established, a child's name is given as instructed by a mother and patronymic is assigned by a name of a person recorded as a child's father, while a surname is given based on a mother's surname or, taking into account national traditions, by a name of a child's grandfather.

As for the change of a child's surname, it changes when both parents change a surname.

Upon submission of joint application by the parents and until a child reaches the age of sixteen, a registering authority permits the change of a child's name, as well as a surname assigned to a child to a surname of another parent based on the interests of a child.

In case of divorce or recognition of marriage (matrimony) invalid, a child retains a surname received at birth.

As the rule, it`s a father`s surname. Nonetheless, if parents live separately but haven`t divorced and one of the parents living with a child wants a child to have his/her surname, the issue is addressed depending from a child`s interests and with taking into account a notarized opinion of other parent. In case if it is impossible to locate another parent or he/she is deprived/partially deprived of parental rights or is legally incapable, and also in cases if a parent backs out from maintenance and care for a child, opinion of such a parent might not be provided.

Change of a name or surname for a child who has reached the age of ten is made only with his/her consent obtained in the presence of legal representatives.

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