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Last update: 15.09.2021

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If you have ever taken out a bank loan, then your credit history will immediately be formed, wherein the data on loans, repayment periods and delays will be stored.

It is important to have a good credit history. This is your positive image for banks and microcredit organizations, which means you will be able to take out large loans to buy a car or apartment.

This article describes how to check your credit history and what services to use to monitor it.

The need of credit history

Credit history is important not only for banks but also for you. Having a positive history, you can easily take out a loan for a large amount. And vice versa if you did not pay in a timely manner  or stopped paying on past loans at all, then the bank may not approve the loan. If you have never taken out a loan, then there will be no records in your credit history.

When applying for a loan, banks request data from credit bureaus. For example, you took out a loan and repaid it right on time. This information is recorded in your credit history. Later, you apply for a loan at another bank, which sees that you repaid the previous loan on time, and perceives you as a responsible client. Any bank wants to be sure of the return of the issued funds and lend to reliable people. This is why it is important to keep track of your credit history.

How to find out your credit history

According to the law, once a calendar year, every citizen of Kazakhstan can find out his credit history for free. Upon repeated request within one calendar year, the cost of the service is 400 tenge.

At the moment, we recommend using one of the following methods of obtaining the service online:

In offline mode, the service is provided upon presentation of an identity card:

  • In the branches of NJSC GK "Government for Citizens";
  • In the offices of Kazpost JSC.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the offices of the First Credit Bureau have temporarily suspended offline customer service.

What to do if the information in the credit report is incorrect

If you received a credit report and found incorrect information in it, please report it to the bank and attach supporting documents.

You can also dispute information in your credit history through a separate free online service of Disputing Credit History Information the First Credit Bureau on the portal.

Through this service, you can send disputed information based on the previously generated credit report. As a result, within 15 working days you will receive a letter about the changes made and a corrected personal credit report or a letter about the accuracy of the information reflected in the current personal report.

Frequently asked questions about credit history

The source of information is a training site, implemented by the Financial Services Consumer Rights Protection Department of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Financial Market Regulation and Development in order to increase financial literacy of the population.

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