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Holidays and weekends in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2019 Printable version

Last update: 20.06.2019

Holidays calendar in 2019

Extending the holidays 
In the event that a national holiday falls on weekend (Saturday or Sunday), the days-off shall be extended by one day.

Public and national holidays, carrying the holidays
January, 1 - 2 New Year
March, 8 International Women’s Day
March, 21-23 Nauryz holiday (March 23 comes to Saturday, slips to the 25th of March)
May, 1 Kazakhstan's People Solidarity Holiday
May, 7 Defenders’ day
May, 9 Victory Day (day-off transfer from 4th May to the 10th of May)
July, 6 Capital Day (day off slips to the 8th of July)
August, 30 Constitution Day of the RK
December, 1 First President Day (day off slips to the 2nd of December)
December, 16 - 17 Kazakhstan Independence Day 


First day of Qurban Ait, celebrated by Muslim calendar, the 7th of January - Orthodox Christmas are nonworking days.

In 2019 the first day of Qurban Ait is on August 11.


Additional information: 

According to paragraph 3 of Article 85 of the Labor Code of the RK for efficient usage of working in the period of holidays the Government has a right to carry days-off to other working days.

Resolution of the Government of the RK on carrying the day-off in 2019.

Holidays and weekends in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2018

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