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Last update: 12.02.2021

When paying for a tax, a taxpayer needs to indicate four payment details out of more than thousands, i.e. BCC, PPC, beneficiary-recipient`s BIN and sum. An incorrect indication of only one detail can lead to incorrect assignment of payment to the budget and, accordingly, to fines and penalties.

To facilitate the process of tax payment for individuals and individual entrepreneurs the service called “Tax Wallet” was launched. In the material we will describe how the service differs from the existing ones.

What is Tax Wallet?

“Tax Wallet” is a service for acceptance and processing of payments to unified details with capability to perform automated payments online without a taxpayer`s application. The Tax Wallet mechanism enables performing automated distribution of payments to the budget.

Individuals and individual entrepreneurs have an alternative capability for tax payment by replenishing the Tax Wallet.

The service provides a taxpayer with information on his/her current and upcoming tax liabilities. Money from the Tax Wallet is automatically assigned to relevant taxes for which tax liabilities arose when submitting a declaration, calculations, information to the authorized bodies.   

The “Tax Wallet” service is implemented in eSalyq mobile app designed by State Revenue Committee and which is available in App Store and Play Market.

The following is required to access the service:

  • registration in eSalyq app using digital signature;
  • registration in eSalyq app using SMS-code, if a user is registered in the Mobile Citizens Database;
  • settings using IIN and password;
  • settings using a quick access code and biometrics.

Service capabilities

The “Tax Wallet” service capabilities:

  • tax payment alternative;
  • automated distribution of payments to the budget;
  • provision of information on current and upcoming tax liabilities;
  • notification on debiting of money for taxes;
  • saved history of payments and replenishments.

The following was implemented for convenience:

  1. facilitated authorization using SMS password;
  2. facilitated tax payment through binding a Halyk Bank card and payment transfer to;
  3. display of payments history from all the services;
  4. reduction of information update period up to 2 minutes;
  5. viewing of data on taxable items;
  6. service for payment of single bundled payment;
  7. refund to unified payment details of Tax Wallet;
  8. payment for taxes and social transfers in “Information on debts” service;
  9. submission of application for credit and refund of taxes from the budget in “Overpayment Management” service;
  10. service for amendment of data on property and vehicles.

Replenishment of Tax Wallet

The “Tax Wallet” service is designed to automatically pay off debts and upcoming payments only related to tax liabilities. At the same time, tax payment details are filled in automatically without being indicated by a taxpayer, which ensures their guaranteed delivery.

Replenishment of Tax Wallet is performed automatically to the following details:

Beneficiary`s name: State Revenue Committee under MF of RK
Beneficiary`s BIN: 141040004756
Beneficiary`s bank name: State Revenue Committee under MF of RK

Beneficiary`s account IIC: KZ24070105KSN0000000
BCC: 107109 “Other tax returns to the republican budget”
PPC: 911 “ Accrued, calculated and other liabilities to the budget”

Refunds from the “Tax Wallet” service are made based on the taxpayer's application submitted via “Overpayment Management” service of the Tax Wallet, as well as via or the “Taxpayer`s Cabinet” web-application.

There is no fee for paying the taxes via the Tax Wallet.

Planned service capabilities

It is planned to implement the following:

  • Tax Wallet mechanism for legal entities, in particular payment to unified details and automated payments;
  • expansion of Tax Wallet on e-Gov, m-Gov and second-tier banks platforms;
  • service for amendment of data on land plots.
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