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Appointment to the doctor

appointment.   How to get the service in a state agency  (required documents): ID card for personal identification. call for a doctor, appointment to the doctor how to make online appointment to doctor. Appointment to the doctor Appointment to the doctor https://egov.kz/cms/ru/services/495pass_mz …

Service passport →  Healthcare Service → Medical Care

At polyclinics of Astana and Kokshetau discuss e-services of Health ministry

appointment to doctor and call for him (the pilot version has been launched in Astana and Akmola oblast) – everything can be done at home with the help of www.egov.kz portal. During the event promoters of eGov will tell about the e-services from Health ministry and distribute informational leaflets. Place of …


Almost 30 new services are available on e-Gov mobile app

Twenty nine new services are available to users of e-Gov mobile app this year. Among them are the following services: submission of e-application for marriage registration, registration in medical organization, making an appointment to doctor and checking of prohibitions on going abroad through …


Interesting statistics of the electronic government

of the web-portal from devices types Which social networks have more shares with information from the web-portal?      TOP 10 popular services on the portal of "electronic government" 1 Issuance of the statement of residence 12 664 835 2 Appointment to the doctor 2 676 713 3 Get certificate on …


Going on maternity leave in Kazakhstan

adopted a newborn child who have worked. Who and for how long gives a sheet of temporary incapacity for work A certificate of temporary disability due to pregnancy and childbirth is issued by a medical worker (obstetrician-gynecologist), and in his absence - by a doctor, together with the head of the

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Insurance of medical treatment abroad

protection only in case of accident, sudden illness, acute toothache. The insurance organization will pay bills for medical assistance, doctor's appointment, prescribed medications, emergency operations, inpatient treatment, transportation, escorting relatives and returning home, and in case of death – home …

Article → Banking and financial industry

Who is entitled for special social services at home

Socio-medical services : first aid, assistance in providing doctors with medication, sanatorium-resort treatment, prosthetic and orthopedic and hearing care, calling a doctor to the house and accompanying the ward in a healthcare organization, patronage of children with disorders of the musculoskeletal …

Article → Social security provision → Support for people with disabilities

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