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Last update: 29.04.2024

If you want to adopt a child, become his foster parent, or you made it, so the Schools of foster parents – are for you. Here, you may get through the social workers, psychologists, medical workers, lawyers get the necessary information, gaining your time and nerves. Listeners of the School may become any adult person or spouses who are planning to adopt a child, and those, who have already bringing adopted children. Learning at School is free. Lessons are conducting in small groups, confidentially, that is necessary for everyone to speak out, answer the questions, to talk with experienced parents and specialists.

Astana city

Almaty city

Shymkent city


Akmola region

Aktobe region

Almaty region


Zhetysu Region

Atyrau region

East-Kazakhstan region


Abai Region

Zhambyl region

West-Kazakhstan region

Karaganda region

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Pavlodar region

North-Kazakhstan region

Turkestan region


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