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Last update: 12.12.2022

Instructions for working with an EDS recorded on an identity card

At the end of April 2012, a pilot project was launched to record personal registration certificates for new identity cards. To date, the recording service is provided in all PSC of Astana and Almaty, and in the head PSC of major cities of our country.

The advantage of placing EDS keys on an identity card is its secure storage, without the possibility of copying the private key. In case of loss of the identity card, it will not be possible to use the means of the EDS without knowing the PIN code (similar to a bank card), at the same time, you can always revoke the registration certificate by submitting an application for revocation.

The identity card of the new sample has an electronic chip, the same as that of bank cards. In a special memory area of this chip, you can write a registration certificate, that is, your personal EDS key.

Note. You can record an EDS only for an individual. EDS for a legal entity are not recorded on identity cards.

How to record an EDS on a new sample certificate?

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