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When the underage cannot go out without adults Printable version

Last update: 19.02.2024


If a child is outside in an inappropriate time and without parents or legal representatives, he/she can get to a police department.    

A child is an individual under 18 years old.

Legal representatives are parents, adoptive parents, custodians or trustees, foster parents and other individuals who care for a child and provide him/her with education, upbringing, protect a child`s rights and interests.  

In this material we will tell, what one needs to know to avoid fines against parents or legal representatives of a child.

At what time it is prohibited for a child to stay in entertainment facilities or outside    

It is prohibited to children to stay in entertainment facilities without legal representatives from 10.00 PM to 06.00 AM. The entertainment facilities are as follows:

  • gambling facilities,
  • night clubs,
  • café-bars,
  • restaurants,
  • internet-cafes,
  • computer facilities,
  • billiard rooms,
  • bowling clubs and cinemas,
  • theatrical facilities and other facilities,
  • facilities and constructions intended for entertainment, theatrical, sports and cultural purposes.

It is prohibited to children to stay outside without legal representatives from 11.00 PM to 06.00 AM.  

In cases when within the specified time period, children are sitting on a bench in the yard near a house, go out to take out the garbage at a late hour or go to a shop located 5 meters from a house, the police are obliged to find out the reason for a child`s being outside, establish legal representatives and in the absence of possibility of their timely establishment, a minor is delivered to a police department where further measures are taken to establish his/her legal representatives

What liability is provided for legal representatives as well as for facilities` owners?

The following penalties are imposed on the parents and legal representatives if the underage children are found in entertainment establishments or outside a home at night without legal representatives:

  • if a child stays in entertainment facilities within the period from 10.00 PM to 06.00 AM: sum of fine is 3 MCI;
  • if a child stays outside from 11.00 PM to 06.00 AM: notification will be given for the first time. If a situation will be repeated within a year, sum of fine will be 7 MCI.

Owners of entertainment facilities also receive fines if a child stays there in an inappropriate time. 

Sums of fines depend on a status of breacher as well as on a fact whether an owner was held liable for similar breaches within a year. A fine might be imposed along with termination of activities and certain types of activities.

Sums of fines are as follows:

  • for individuals: 10 MCI, in case of repeated violation: 20 MCI;
  • for subjects of small businesses or non-profit organizations: 15 MCI, in case of repeated violation: 30 MCI;
  • for subjects of medium businesses: 30 MCI, in case of repeated violation: 50 MCI;
  • for subjects of large businesses: 50 MCI, in case of repeated violation: 100 MCI.

Who can take on the role of a legal representative? 

An underage can stay in an entertainment facility for a later period of time in the presence of a legal representative.    

Other adults cannot be recognized as legal representatives.

Stay of an underage in an entertainment facility in the presence of other adults (for instance, with a young man, with a company) but without legal representatives would be deemed as illegal.  

For an underage who helps his/her neighbour to fill an ice rink after 11.00 PM and who obviously stays outside, a neighbour won`t be deemed as a legal representative

Only legal representatives have a right to take a child away from a police department.

If parents are temporarily out of a city than relatives or legal representatives should provide a relevant document or notarized power of attorney.

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