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FCB report on personal credit reports issued on June 25, 2019 Printable version

Last update: 06.04.2020

The First Credit Bureau reports that as of June 25, 2019, since the beginning of the year, the number of personal credit reports issued was 230 700, which is 1.2 times higher than the level of personal credit reports issued for the same period of 2018, when the number of received personal credit reports was 188 688.


At the same time, the most popular ways to obtain a credit history are the e-government portal and the branches of the National JSC "State Corporation "Government for Citizens" and JSC "Kazpost" in all regions of Kazakhstan. The popularity of these methods is due to the simplicity, convenience and efficiency of obtaining the result. Since the beginning of 2019, 204,760 personal credit reports have been issued through the e-government portal, 8,359 through JSC "Kazpost" branches, and 7,190 through branches of the State Corporation "Government for Citizens"


At the same time, we note that 90% of the total number of personal credit reports received was issued free of charge, in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation. In this connection, we remind that once a year everyone can receive his/her personal credit report for free. .

From year to year the population is more interested in its credit history. Understanding that a credit history is important when a bank considers an application for a loan, forms a tendency for borrowers to improve payment discipline in respect of their obligations. Control over information in your credit history and for your payment behavior allows you to maintain the quality of your credit history, as well as the correctness of information in it.

The FCB is constantly expanding the range of possibilities for obtaining your credit history. Today, you can get and verify your credit history in any of the following ways:

  • On the e-government portal (if you have EDS)
  • In the offices of the PSC (170 branches in the RK)
  • On the portal of the First Credit Bureau (if you have EDS)
  • In the offices of Kazpost
  • On the portal (if you have EDS)
  • Through the mobile application The First Credit Bureau (if you have EDS)
  • Through the portal
  • Through the portal
  • In the FCB office at: Almaty, md. Samal-3, building 25
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