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Last update: 17.05.2022

Budget expenditures are:

  1. Costs, budget credits, acquisition of financial assets, repayment of loans.
  2. Costs are non-refundable budget funds.
  3. Budget credits are money allocated from the budget on a repayable, term and paid basis.
  4. Acquisition of financial assets is the budget funds allocated for the acquisition of state ownership shares and securities of legal entities, including international organizations.
  5. Repayment of loans is the budget funds allocated for repayment of the principal debt in accordance with the international treaties on state loans ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as on domestic loans.

Directions of expenditures of the republican budget:

 State functions of a general nature:

Defense, public order, security:

Legal, judicial, penal and correctional activities:


Health care:

Social assistance and social security:

Culture, sport, tourism and information space:

Agroindustrial complex, water, forestry, fishery, specially protected natural areas and environmental protection, land relations:

Industry, subsoil use, architectural, town planning and construction activities:

Energy saving and energy efficiency improvement:

Transport and communication:

Regulation of economic activity:

Housing and communal services:

Other directions:


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