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Last update: 05.10.2021

graduation hat and diplomaPhD programme is a postgraduate education, educational programs of which are aimed at training personnel for scientific, pedagogical and (or) professional activities, with the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Doctor of specialization.

PhD students are admitted on a competitive basis if they have a master's degree and work experience of at least 1 (one) year or have completed their studies in the residency in medical specialties and work experience of at least 3 (three) years.

PhD candidates provide international certificates confirming foreign language proficiency in accordance with the European competence (standards) of foreign language proficiency.

The entrance exam for the groups of PhD programs is held independently by universities and scientific organizations that accept PhD programs.

Applications for doctoral studies are accepted from 3 to 25 July.

List of documents required for admission to PhD programs:

  1. an application (in an arbitrary form);
  2. a copy of identity document;
  3. a document on education (original, when submitting documents to the admissions office);
  4. an international certificate confirming the knowledge of a foreign language in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (Standards);
  5. medical certificate of form 086-U approved by Order No. 907;
  6. six photographs measuring 3x4 centimeters;
  7. personal sheet of personnel records or other document confirming the labor activity certified by the personnel service at the place of work;
  8. the list of scientific and methodological works (if any);
  9. results of the preliminary selection (in the field of education "Health and social security (medicine)").

Copies of the documents referred to in this paragraph shall be accompanied by their originals for verification in the presence of the applicant. After the verification, the original documents are returned.

After the successful defense of the thesis, the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Doctor of specialization is awarded.

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