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Last update: 27.06.2023

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Doctoral programme is postgraduate education, educational programs of which are aimed at training personnel for scientific, pedagogical and (or) professional activities with conferment of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), doctor in an area.

Acceptance of applications for doctoral programme in the organizations of higher and postgraduate study is carried out by the admissions committees of the organizations of higher and postgraduate study and (or) through the information system of the National Testing Center within the following terms:

 1) from July 3 to August 3 of a calendar year;

 2) from November 5 to November 18 of a calendar year.

 Entrance exams for groups of educational programs under doctoral programme are held within the following terms:

1) from August 4 to August 20 of a calendar year;

2) from November 19 to December 11 of a calendar year.

When submitting documents, an applicant indicates one organization of higher and postgraduate study and one group of educational programs.

Admission to the doctoral programme is carried out within the following terms:

1) from August 15 to August 28 of a calendar year;

2) from December 26 to January 10 of a calendar year.

The list of documents required for admission to doctoral programme:

  1. An application in no particular form
  2. Educational certificate (original copy, when submitting documents to the admissions committee)
  3. An identity document (for identification)
  4. Certificate confirming proficiency in a foreign language:

English: IELTS Academic (International English Language Testing System Academic), threshold score: at least 5.5

TOEFL IBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-based test), threshold score: at least 46

TOEFL PBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language Paper-based test), threshold score: at least 453

TOEFL ITP (Test of English as a Foreign Language Institutional Testing Program), threshold score: at least 460

German: Deutsche Sprachpruefung fuer den Hochschulzugang (DSH, Niveau2/level B2), TestDaF-Prufung (Niveau B2/level B2)

French: TFI (Test de Français International): at least level B2 in the reading and listening sections, DELF (Diplome d'Etudes en Langue française): level B2, DALF (Diplome Approfondi de Langue française): level B2, TCF (Test de connaissance du français): at least 50 points

  1. Medical certificate in the 075/y form in electronic format approved by the Order No. KR DSM-175/2020)

In cases of restrictive measures, introduction of a state of emergency, occurrence of social, natural and man-made emergencies in a certain territory, a medical certificate is provided directly to an educational organization as these measures are withdrawn;

  1. Six photos (3x4 cm);
  2. A personal data sheet or other document confirming work activity certified by HR service at a place of work
  3. The list of scientific and methodological works (scientific publications, research plan, essays and other documents) for the last 3 calendar years.
  4. The results of the preliminary selection (in the field of "Healthcare").

The documents listed in sub-clauses 4) and 7) are provided in originals and copies and after verification the originals are returned to an applicant.

Persons having a certificate (TOEFL ITP (Test of English as a Foreign Language Institutional Testing Program) take additional testing for English language proficiency prior to entrance exam for doctoral programme.

The number of test tasks for additional English language proficiency testing is 100 questions. The maximum number of points is 100 points.

Additional English proficiency testing is evaluated as "admission" or "non–admission". To get the "admission" score, you need to score at least 75 points.

Additional English language proficiency testing is conducted by the National Testing Center in organizations designated by an authorized body in the field of education.

The date, time and place of the additional English language proficiency test are sent to applicants through their personal account.

When providing an incomplete package of documents specified in this clause, the admissions committee does not accept documents from applicants

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