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How to make a house impenetrable for thieves Printable version

Last update: 22.11.2022

Everyone can be burgled or robbed, even those who assume that they do not have anything to be stolen. There is always something valuable for thieves in a house.

You cannot assume that by installing a steel door, your property is absolutely safe.

There are no minor details when protecting a house.

In the material we will share recommendations on how to protect your house from thieves, especially during the temporary absence, leave.

Housing protection methods

  • Install a door with good locks. Get a riveted mortise lock. The more it has key turns, the more reliable is the lock. It is perfect if it has 3-4 turns. It will also be useful to install a latch from the inside or hang a chain.

A good door is all-steel. It is important that the door does not open into the apartment (it is more difficult to break it), and that there are no gaps between the door and the door frame.

It will be great if you increase the number of obstacles and additionally install a vestibule door.

  • The thieves often penetrate houses not through the doors but through the windows. They manage to open plastic windows. From the safety point of view, it is better to have stationary gratings as they cannot be sawed or torn off. Gratings are necessary not only for the residents of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and top floors, but also for those whose windows overlook the canopies of the entrances, or pass next to gas pipes and fire escapes. Though in the event of fire or other force majeure, a stationary grating can do a disservice. If the only way to get out of the apartment is the window, then you can find yourself in a hopeless situation.
  • There is such a service available as armouring of windows. From inside the apartment, a special film is glued onto the glass, which after a few days merges into the glass. Such a window cannot be broken with a stone or a hammer, and even with an explosion, it will simply be deformed but not shattered. This service is not cheap, but you can choose a tinted film that will protect you from the sun and prying eyes. Also, it will provide an excellent thermal insulation.
  • Another option for window protection is roller blinds. Such "blinds" is an excellent option for a summer residence or a private house. They are equipped with protection against opening from the outside, but from the inside they can be opened and closed by pressing of button.  
  • Professional signaling system can be installed. A deafening roar is activated once somebody penetrate your house and your vigilant neighbours, in case of your absence, will call the police. This option can save your life if thieves penetrate your house at night. You will wake up from a deafening roar, and thieves (not necessarily, but most often so) will get scared and run away.
  • There is one more option available which is autonomous GSM-signaling system. In the event of an illegal intrusion into your house, the device sends SMS or calls (provided that voice module is available) to a specified phone number of an owner, and an owner, in turn, calls the police.

One of the reliable options is to hire a concierge. As a rule, it is one of the residents, who knows everyone in face and will not let a stranger pass for sure. If each apartment will contribute than you can get an amazing "signaling system".

Recommendations for apartment owners in terms of security

Before going on vacation, think about your apartment.

If you are leaving for a short time, leave the light in the hallway, hang clothes on the balcony to dry, turn the radio on and put it near the entrance.

Don`t leave ventilation windows open.

It is better to draw the curtains.

If you are subscribed for newspapers, ask a postman not to bring them until your return.  

Try to make friends with neighbours, at least with those from your stairwell.   Ask them to pick up advertisements from your letter box.

Arrange a mutual defense with your neighbours. If they see a suspicious stranger near your entrance door, then they call the police, and vice versa.

If your neighbours rent their apartment, ask them, if possible, to introduce you to their residents.

Also, the sticker on the door indicating that "The object is under protection" should confuse a thief.  

If a stranger demands to open a door, introducing as a police officer, social worker, etc., do not rush to open it. Call a relevant organization and ask if such an employee really works for them.

If the light suddenly turns off, do not rush to open the door. Call a neighbour and if he/she has the same problem, it means that there are really problems on the line, and not someone's cunning plan.

If a theft occurred from an apartment, call the police and guard an entrance with the help of your neighbours and enter an apartment only after the police arrive, as thieves caught by the owners can hide in the apartment.

If you can't sit still, observe the theft from afar. Thus, you will remember the criminals` features and you will be relatively safe.

How to protect oneself against professional migrant criminals

Professional migrant criminals select a target for a long time by tracking the owners down and getting to know their daily routine. The presence of such thieves is easy to spot. Unknown people periodically appear in a yard, wait for hours in the entrances, so this should arouse suspicion. To find out if an owner was at home, for example, at lunchtime, they put a biscuit under a rug by the door. If it is intact, the apartment is empty. They also leave some marks on the doors, throw broken matches. If you find one of those, take action. First, let your neighbours know about it. Forewarned is forearmed. Try not to leave an apartment for a long time. And if you are leaving for a long time, then ask your neighbours to look after your apartment during your absence.

Don`t push your luck and do not talk about your purchases, income, vacation plans. A person who overheard this (in a queue or in the office) can "lead" thieves to your house.

A house intercom can also be an assistant to thieves. Thieves dial an apartment number and wait for an answer. If there is no answer, it means that an owner is absent. And if someone answers, they introduce themselves as a postman or a water utility worker. And sometimes they just ask money to buy "bread".

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