Instruction on obtaining “Issuance of real estate technical certificate” service as related to selection of application type via e-Gov portal Printable version

Last update: 22.07.2019

Note: service recipient should be registered on e-Gov portal and have DS (digital signature).

Picture 1. 1st  step.


  1. Indicate phone number to which the date of technical inspection will be sent (Picture 1).
  2. Indicate relation to real estate unit (Owner/Owner`s trustee/Owner`s parent).


In case if an applicant is an owner`s trustee, s/he should fill in information (picture 2) and enclose scanned copy of power of attorney or birth certificate, if real estate`s owner is a child. Click “Continue” to proceed.


Picture 2. Page to be filled in by owner`s trustee


  1. In “Application type” section indicate the type of technical inspection (Picture 3). Afterwards indicate address data, choose “Real estate type” and click “Continue”.

Picture 3. Fields to be filled in on real estate`s address data.


  1. The 3rd step is “Contract fill-in” (Picture 4). Scanned copy of title certificate should be enclosed here. Choose the payment sum in “Prepayment” pop-up list (it depends on real estate`s area). According to the chosen real estate type, the field “Period as per tariff (per day)” is filled in automatically.  

Confirm filled in data; click “I bear the legal responsibility for the accuracy of indicated information” indicator and click “Continue”.

Picture 4. Contract fill-in


  1. Pay for technical inspection using one of the methods below(Picture 5):
  • Enclose receipt if payment has been done earlier (Picture 9).
  • Online:  pay using payment card (Picture 6). Press “Next” and fill in payment card details (Picture 7). After the payment is made, a page with receipt will appear. Click “Go to Personal Cabinet” (Picture 8).

Picture 5. Selecting payment method


Picture 6. Online payment


Picture 7. Filling in payment card data.


Picture 8. Transfer to Personal Cabinet


Picture 9. Receipt enclosure


  1. Status page appears (Picture 10). Click “Continue” to proceed to signing.

Picture 10. Information about a service


  1. Choose signing method and sign a request (Picture 11).
  • Sign using mobile DS (DS recorded to SIM card).
  • Sign using SMS password (password will be sent to an applicant`s phone number);
  • Sign using DS (DS might be recorded to a national ID, computer media or USB flash drive);


Picture 11. Selecting  signing method


  1. After signing, status page will appear. Click “Renew Status”. Current status of a request will be displayed.
  • “A request rejected by a government agency” means that a government agency received a request and it was rejected by one of the reasons  (Picture 16).
  • “Paid” status means that the payment via e-Gov gateway was successful.  In this case, electronic receipt is generated (Picture 10);
  • Request is processing” status means that a request is processing (Picture 12);
  • “Request received by a government agency” means that a government agency received a request (Picture 13);
  • “Waiting for payment” status means that payment for technical inspection should be done (Picture 14). Click “Pay” button and pay using payment card (clause.5, pictures 6, 7, 8);
  • “Request is successfully processed” status means that government agency has processed a request. The result of service delivery is positive (Picture 15);


Picture12. Request is processing


Picture 13. Request received by a government agency


Picture 14. Waiting for payment for technical inspection


Picture 15. Request is successfully processed



Picture 16. Justified refusal to deliver a service specifying the reasons


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