Instructions on «Temporary registration of population of the Republic of Kazakhstan at place of residence» service receipt for the real estate non-owners Printable version

Last update: 06.12.2022

To obtain the service one should have digital signature and be registered at e-Gov portal.

1st STEP Select “I am not a real estate owner”.

2nd STEP Indicate IIN/BIN of real estate owner and fill in real estate address in the fields.

3rd STEP Indicate duration of temporary registration period. Click “Send request” button to get real estate owner agreement.

4th STEP  After signing in on the portal, real estate owner should click “Personal Account” link (via button or dropdown menu under user`s surname).

5th STEP Real estate owner should find and agree upon a request clicking “Need to sign a request” link.

6th STEP Check request details and click “Confirm” button.

7th STEP Sign request using digital signature.

8th STEP After request is successfully approved, an applicant should go on with service obtainment and click “Go to payment” button.


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