Instructions for obtaining the service "Providing information from the State database "Legal entities" Printable version

Last update: 04.03.2024

Note: To receive information, the User must log in to the e-government portal.

According to the steps described below, any individual or legal entity can obtain information about any legal entity. Thus, you no longer need to print out a certificate, since the person who requests this information can directly receive it on the portal without your participation.

  1. step. To obtain certain information about legal entities, it is necessary to select a separate service, for example: «Providing information of the registered legal entity, affiliation or branch

  1. – step. Select «Request online».



  1. step. Enter the BIN of the desired organization and enter the displayed code from the image


  1. – step. Click on the «Send request» button.


    5 – step. Select the signing method and sign the request.


* To sign a request using an SMS password, the User must be registered on the Basis of mobile citizens.

Instructions for registration in the database of mobile citizens:

  1.  step. Click the «Update Status» button


  1. step. Result.


We note that for the remaining 9 subspecies of this information, the algorithm for obtaining information is similar.

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