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Last update: 06.10.2021

To date, know the actual name of the specialties in the near future is very important. Consequently International Development, the situation on the labor market is changing rapidly is therefore necessary to take into account the features of the current economic market.

According to the State Program of Education and Science Development of Kazakhstan for 2020 - 2025, the overall goal of education reform in Kazakhstan is the adaptation of the education system to the new socio-economic environment. Investments in human capital are essential to create a technically advanced, productive workforce that can adapt to a rapidly changing world. Successful economies of the future will be those that invest in education, skills and abilities of the population. Education must be understood as economic investment, and not just as social spending.

One of the main tasks of higher postgraduate education, the Program is to provide personnel with higher and postgraduate education, relevant to the needs of industrial and innovative development of the country.

From the foregoing, it can be concluded that accounting and analysis of the most popular specialties, not only now but in the future.


According to the forecasts on the leading positions will be engineering related to industrial production. The most popular today are the builders and experts in the field of transport, processing machinery and equipment, as well as mechanical engineers. Then - metallurgical, energy, workers in the oil and gas, computer engineering, radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications, as well as the technology and design of light industry products. And then there are experts in the field of mining, automation and control, instrumentation and engineering.

At the moment, there is an acute shortage of professional engineers, technicians and middle managers in the workplace. Will be especially appreciated combination of technical, economic or legal education, knowledge of English or any other European language. The demand for engineers - marketers and managers is growing in all industries.

IT and developers of computer hardware

Programmer is an expert, creating and debugging software and supports its performance. In the modern world is becoming increasingly important image of the company, and the site - nothing more than as an indicator of the level and reliability of the organization. As a result, a web designer - one of the highest paid "computer" professions.


The next most popular profession near future associated with nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology - a technology, based on work with molecules and atoms, those that utilize the most hidden and valuable properties of the substance. Nanotechnologies are a huge area which can be divided into three parts: the production of microchips, nano-sized robots and engineering at the atomic level.

Nanotechnology will be linked to all branches of science.

Biotechnology - technologies that use biological systems and their elements.

Currently, biotechnology is widely used in agriculture, where with the help of genetic engineering and methods of microbiology prepared genetically modified foods. Biotechnology is used in molecular medicine, biopharmaceutical manufacturing and other industries.

Specialty at the intersection of electronics and biotechnology require specialist in-depth knowledge in electronics, and in bioengineering.

Specialty related to the service

Incomes are growing, growing number of middle class. One indicator of this trend is a growing need for quality service.


Logistics industry is of prime importance in the functioning of the enterprise. Profession logistician for those who weary in the rigid framework does not like patterns and limitations specified. To make a successful career, logisticians need analytical mind and systems thinking, intuition, the ability to quickly find a way out of difficult situations, people skills, communication skills. Cannot do without experience, and without a deep knowledge of mathematics, engineering, applicable law, and, of course, without an understanding of business principles. Many entrepreneurs believe that good logistician can only be a player by nature, endowed with the talent to move goods and articles, like pieces on a chessboard.


The term "ecology" originated long ago, in 1866, and in the future more and more will take place the problem of preservation of the environment. The growth of harmful emissions into the atmosphere poses environmental problems on one of the first places in the future global world. On the one hand, start rising demand for professional ecologists, and on the other - to expand the spectrum requirements of the defense of nature.

Medical Specialties

Medicine successfully uses advances in electronics, biotechnology, which are now only just created, researched, and after 10 years, for sure, will enter into practice, will be commonplace in medicine business.


Experts in the field of chemistry are particularly in demand in the energy sector. Alternative energy sources will be needed more than ever. Chemistry - the science of innovation and the future.

Food industry

Most experts consider that agriculturist and farmer professions are died off: in developed countries of the First World small farm enterprises for more than 15 years now is constantly balancing on the brink of ruin, survive mostly owing to the state dotation. Food of the future according to the most forecast – unfortunately is not “natural” food, but food with growing share of additives, or received from the resources unfamiliar for us.  

Urban development

The Earth is becoming a planet of cities, not villages fast. According to the information of UNO, in 2009 the number of city people extends the number of village citizens. In 2025 the share of city people will grow up to 77%. According to the PricewaterhouseCooper’s, in 2005 100 largest cities of the World produced 25% of world GDP, and in 2008 is 30% already. The population of 30 the biggest megacities will grow for 27% to 2025. The class of specialists who can create a comfort city environment should plan, build and serve new fast growing megacities. The state and private construction companies will form big demand for the specialist of complex territory development (transport, social sphere, investment attraction, and etc.), especially in urban localities.

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