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Last update: 15.05.2023


The state program for language policy implementation in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2020 – 2025 was approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic Kazakhstan.

The goal of the program is to introduce a balanced language policy aimed at modernizing the Kazakh language based on the Latin alphabet, further improving language culture and developing language capital to ensure the full-fledged activity of the Kazakh language.

The Kazakh language courses

There are 111 state centers in the republic (main centers: 84, branches: 27), where the adults can learn the Kazakh language on a free-of-charge basis. You can find the list of centers by following the link:

In 2022, 3 new centers were established in Akmola, Atyrau and Zhambyl regions.

In 2022, 41.325 people took the Kazakh language courses. The total number of people who have completed the courses since 2011 is over 700 thousand people.

Also, applications for self-study of the Kazakh language are available, such as: "", "", "", "", "", "", "Qazonline", "Ana tili".

The level of proficiency in the Kazakh language is determined by the "Kaztest" system. In 2022, 12,000 people underwent diagnostic testing. Since the introduction of the "Kaztest" system (in 2006), the total number of test participants has amounted to 452,671 people.

You can check the level of proficiency in the Kazakh language on the official website:

Activities aimed at developing the state language

Pursuant to the action plan of the State Program, republican contests are held annually to expand the scope of the Kazakh language and improve language culture, for instance, "State language and mass media", "Til Sheberi", "Memlekettik til – Tauelsizdik symbols", "Men Kazaksha soyleimin" campaign, etc.

Digitalization of language processes

In order to effectively implement the language policy, including ensuring public access to the language learning process, the Language Policy Committee of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan placed an order to launch electronic resources: "", "", "", "", "Т", "", "", "", "Qazgramma", "", "", "". All the applications and up-to-date information regarding implementation of the language policy (news, articles, up-to-date information about the centers, methodological collections, etc.) are posted on the website.

How do new words appear in the Kazakh language?

In 2022, the State Terminology Committee approved 4069 terms in the fields of legislation, healthcare, energy, agriculture, ecology and geology. The number of approved terms since 1971 amounts to 35,680 units.

An electronic platform was launched on the Теrmincom.кz website, which contains information about the state of terminology and provides basic principles of term formation, and also enables discussing terms with the citizens. The total number of terms uploaded to the Termincom database is 383,534 units.

Work is underway to create the National Kazakh Language Corpus, which is available on the Qа and websites.

By the end of 2022, the total number of meta tags in the corpus amounted to 43 million.

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