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How to get a land plot or what should each land owner know Printable version

Last update: 28.11.2023

 land plot in the palm of your hand

What is understood under “land plot” and land? 

Pursuant to Subclause 7) of Article 12 of the Land Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter: the Code), land is a spatial space within which sovereignty of the Republic of Kazakhstan, natural resources, all means of production and the territorial basis of any labour process are established;

 In accordance with subclause 14) of Article 12 of the Code, an object of land relations involves all the land within the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and individual land plots, regardless of what is located on them and on the legal grounds for their assignment to individual subjects, as well as the rights to land plots and land shares;

A land plot is a part of land allocated within closed boundaries, assigned in the manner prescribed by this Code to the subjects of land relations.

Types of land titles

How to get a land plot free-of-charge

Getting a free-of-charge land plot from the state for private housing construction


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