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How to get a land parcel and what should all land owners know Printable version

Last update: 03.12.2020

Sooner or later each of us falls to thinking of the need to possess a real estate. Depending on preferences, this may be an apartment or a house, or sometimes both. In this paper, we will tell what types of title to land there are, how to get a land parcel for personal housing construction, what is necessary for agricultural land, and what any land parcel owner must know.

What do the words “land parcel” and “land” refer to?

Land refers to a territorial area within which the RoK’s sovereignty is established; a natural resource, a universal factor of production and territorial basis for any labor process.

The  land relations object comprises the entire land within the RoK territory, separate land parcels regardless of what is located thereon and of the legal reasons their being assigned to certain entities, as well as the titles to land parcels and land shares.

Land parcel refers to a part of land allotted within the closed boundaries assigned to the land relations entities.

Types of land title

How to get a land parcel

Obtaining a land parcel from government for free for private housing construction

Obtaining a land parcel from government as a private property

Obtaining the employment-related land parcel

Land for agricultural needs


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