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Last update: 26.05.2023

driver's license

As the summer season began, new traffic participants appear on the roads. Some of them got behind the wheel of a car for the first time, and someone just started driving a motorcycle. There are also those who are just planning to buy a car or motorcycle, and for them the first task is to obtain a driving license, which entitles to drive a motor vehicle. This article will describe the process of obtaining a driving license, what steps you need to take and which documents to collect in order to become a full traffic participant.

The process of obtaining a driving license can be divided on several stages

  • learning traffic rules and how to drive a vehicle;
  • gathering documents; 
  • submitting documents;
  • passing an exam and obtaining a driving license.

State duty for the obtainment of driving license is 1.25 MCI.

Who is eligible to obtain driver’s license?

Medical examination


Package of documents for obtaining a driving license

Alternative obtainment of the driver’s license through the e-government web-portal

Work schedule of state bodies


Successful way and safe road!

Source: APC MIA RK

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