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Last update: 04.04.2023

Public Procurement Web Portal

Public procurement portal ( ) is a state information system that provides a single point of access to the services of electronic public procurement.

The system ensures publication of information on the needs of customers in goods, works, services as well as on their consolidation, execution of procurement procedures, supplier selection, conclusion of electronic contracts and execution thereof on the public procurement portal.

The public procurement portal provides the following capabilities:

  • registration of participants in the public procurement process;
  • public procurement planning;
  • gathering of information on executed public procurements;
  • execution of electronic public procurements, including exchange with electronic documents between a customer and a potential supplier;
  • provision of information on scheduled, ongoing and implemented public procurements through the public procurement portal;
  • generation of statistics and reporting on public procurements;
  • publication of explanations and regulatory background information in the field of public procurement;
  • provision and publication of data included into the public procurement registers.

Tasks solved by the system:

  • Reduction of budget expenses for acquisition of goods, works and services for government needs;
  • Standard procedure for formation and placement of the state order;
  • Reduction of costs on conducting public procurement procedures;
  • Creation of equal conditions for competition among potential suppliers;
  • Quick access to accumulated information;
  • Significant reduction of paper document flow;
  • Increase in transparency and openness of the public procurement process;
  • Reduction of the number of offenses in the public procurement process.

To participate in electronic public procurements, one need to have a digital signature and an organization should be registered as customer, organizer or supplier.

Guidelines on how to register are published in a separate section.

At the same time, on the portal, along with public procurement and procurement of quasi-public sector, procedures are carried out for the purchase of goods and services related to the nutrition of pupils and students, services of the state educational order.

In this regard, on the external page of the portal in the "Help" section there are detailed guidelines describing how to organize and submit applications for participation in procurement:

  • Guidelines for Customer;
  • Guidelines for Organizer;
  • Guidelines for Supplier;
  • Guidelines for Users (quasi-public sector);
  • Guidelines for users on catering for students in secondary education organizations, as well as purchase of goods related to the provision of nutrition for children being brought up and studying in pre-school organizations;
  • Guidelines for users for the purchase of state educational order services.

To view information on procurements made, go to the sections ads, lots, totals, procurement plans.

Information on the results of public procurement/tender processes

The public procurement portal enables generating reports on annual plans for each government agency and its subordinate organizations.

To do this, go to the subsection "Report "Annual plans"" specify the appropriate parameters (year, name or BIN of a customer) and generate a report.

Report F.1 on executed public procurements of goods, works and services is generated via this page.

A report can be filtered by the following parameters:

  • Year
  • Customer's BIN
  • Report Administrator
  • Funding source
  • Budget types (republican or local)
  • Plan item type (procurements that exceed or does not exceed a financial year, procurements against relative economy)
  • Region
  • LSC (code from the Legal Status Classifier)
  • CGWS (code from the Catalogue of Goods, Works and Services)

Information on future procurements

On the homepage of the portal, in the section "Register of public procurement plans", one can get acquainted with the schedules public procurement, as well as filter information by the following parameters:

  • Name of plan item
  • Customer`s name/BIN
  • Procurement method
  • Procurement term
  • Financial year
  • Specification
  • Status
  • Place of delivery
  • Procurement scope
  • Entity characteristic

Also, there is a capability available to view statistics on approved plan items.

Statistics information can be viewed for each register:

  • Register of unscrupulous participants of public procurements
  • Register of public procurement participants
  • Register of contracts
  • Register of complaints

Public procurement through tender

Public procurement through tender with preliminary qualification selection

Public procurement through auction

Public procurement through request for quotation

 Public procurement through single source/via commodity exchanges

 Conclusion of public procurement contract


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