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Social assistance from the state in case of difficult life situations Printable version

Last update: 07.09.2021

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In this article, you can get acquainted with the types of assistance allocated from the local budget, to people who find themselves in a difficult life situation.

Targeted social assistance is payment in cash provided by the state to individuals (families) with monthly average per capita income below the poverty line established in regions, cities of republican importance, the capital.

 Housing assistance is the monetary assistance provided by the state to low-income families (citizens) for payment of:

  • expenses for maintaining the common property of the condominium object to families (citizens) living in privatized dwellings or being tenants (sub-tenants) of residential premises (apartments) in the public housing stock;     
  • consumption of public utilities and communication services in terms of increasing the subscription fee for a telephone connected to the telecommunications network, to families (citizens) who are owners or tenants (sub-tenants) of the dwelling;
  • rent for the use of dwelling leased by the local executive body in a private housing stock;
  • cost of a single-phase electric energy meter with an accuracy class of not less than 1 with differentiated accounting and control of electricity consumption by time of day living in privatized living quarters (apartments), in an individual residential house.

Social assistance to citizens affected by a fire or a natural disaster, for a family with loss, damage, significant damage to property

Social assistance to citizens in the event of a difficult life situation that has an average per capita income that does not exceed the amount established by the Akimat

Social assistance to citizens with socially significant diseases and diseases that pose a danger to others


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