Requirements to signatures when drawing up identity documents to citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan Printable version

Last update: 19.10.2023

To scan signature sample:

  1. Print a last page of the document.
  2. Put a signature (using black marker/felt-tip marker with thin refill) in the center of frame (signature should not cross the frame lines).

Requirements to signatures

2.1. Recommendations related to a signature:

Recommendations related to a signature

Recommendations related to a signature

  1. Scan a signature sample (scan the list in A4 format).
  2. Save a file in JPEG format.
  3. Open the file using MicrosoftOfficePictureManager (click a scanned file using right mouse button and select open with MicrosoftOfficePictureManager).
  4. First, you need to set width so that it would make no less than 550 pixels and then cut upper and lower frames by borders. As the result, you should get a signature sample of no less than 550 х124 pixels in size.

6.1. Preparation recommendations​

Preparation recommendations

Preparation recommendations

Preparation recommendations

Print in А4 format

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