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License plates of cars in Kazakhstan. The procedure for obtaining and recovery for loss Printable version

Last update: 03.11.2023

license plates of carsSRNP or state registration number plate on the vehicle – is a mandatory attribute of each vehicle in Kazakhstan. Since 2012 issuance of SRNP of new design has begun on the basis of international standard plates. Issuance of number plates of old design is discontinued, but a mandatory change of number plates is not required. The number plates of old design will be used until wear out.

How to get a state number plate for a car?

When buying, registering or re-registering a vehicle, every stage is very important and one of the final steps is getting license plate for a vehicle. In the article you will learn how to get a license plate correctly and choose the most convenient way to save your personal time when collecting the required documents.

To get a license plate for a vehicle, you need to apply to “Government for Citizens” Public Corporation.

Required documents:

  1. ID document.
  2. A document confirming the right of tax exemption for individuals who are not taxpayers pursuant to  the Tax Code of the RoK.
  3. Vehicle registration certificate (technical passport)
  4. License plates, “Transit” signs and registration documents for vehicles imported to the Republic of Kazakhstan under an obligation to reexport.
  5. Contract certifying a proprietary right (undertaking, written transaction, etc.).

State duties:

Duty for registration: 0,25 MCI (except cases of initial registration of a vehicle in the Republic of Kazakhstan)

For vehicle registration certificate: 1.25 MCI

For license plate:

For a vehicle: 2.8 MCI, motorcycle and trailer: 1.4 MCI
transit – 0.35 MCI

If you lost your state number plate on the car

You need to contact the lost property office in the area where a license plate has been lost.
Then, if your license plate was not found, then you need to apply for a new license plate to “Government for Citizens” Public Corporation with an application in any form on the loss of license plate.

Required documents:

  • ID document (+ copy)
  • Vehicle registration certificate (technical passport)
  1. A document confirming the right of tax exemption for individuals who are not taxpayers pursuant to  the Tax Code of the RoK (+ copy).

A list of numeral codes of the Republic of Kazakhstan regions used on a state registration number plates of vehicles

Number plates of a new design

Number plates for vehicles of individuals

Number plates for vehicles of legal entities

Number plate for motorcycles, scooters of individuals and legal entities

Transit number plate

Number plate for trailers

State registration number plates of vehicles of the diplomatic corpus, foreigners and stateless persons, as well as of branches and representative offices of foreign legal entities in the Republic of Kazakhstan, enterprises with foreign participation


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