A child in a stroller for exceptional children

October 13, 2021

New service for the parents of exceptional children was transferred online thanks to integrations performed by National Information Technologies JSV (NIT JSC) under Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry.

Ерекше қажеттіліктері бар балаларға арналған арбадағы бала

October 13, 2021

ҚР Цифрлық даму, инновациялар және аэроғарыш өнеркәсібі министрлігінің «Ұлттық ақпараттық технологиялар» АҚ («ҰАТ» АҚ) жүргізген интеграцияларының арқасында ерекше қажеттіліктері бар балалардың ата-аналарына арналған жаңа көрсетілетін қызмет онлайн форматқа ауыстырылды.

Ребенок в коляске для детей с особыми потребностями

October 13, 2021

Новая услуга для родителей детей с особыми потребностями переведена в онлайн формат благодаря проведенным интеграциям АО «Национальные Информационные Технологии» (АО «НИТ») Министерства цифрового развития, инноваций и аэрокосмической промышленности РК.


September 30, 2021

National Information Technologies JSC under Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry of RK performed works on implementation of online service at eGov.kz for the convenience of parents bringing up young athletes.
Information security in the field of informatization
Cybersecurity of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the international arena
40th place in the ranking for cybersecurity
About the concept of Cybershield in Kazakhstan
Access to personal data

Cybersecurity is an activity aimed at ensuring the protection of users, their information systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks.

The main purpose of such cyberattacks can be both obtaining confidential user information for further abuse of this information for the hacker's own purposes, and disrupting the work of an entire business process. Therefore, especially in the context of government departments and large private organizations, for Kazakhstan as well as for other countries of the world, one of the main tasks for an effective and safe presence on the Internet is precisely the development of the cybersecurity sphere.

"Cybershield" concept

The purpose of the "CYBERSHIELD of Kazakhstan" concept is to achieve and maintain the level of protection of electronic information resources, information systems and information and communication infrastructure from external and internal threats ensuring sustainable development of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the conditions of global competition. About the "Cybershield"concept.


The General Data Protection Regulation (Personal Data Protection Regulations) is a law directly applicable in 28 member states of the European Union. On the basis of the general regulation, Data Protection Agency will operate in Kazakhstan.

exercising state control over the uniform implementation of legislation in the field of personal data protection
examination of complaints on violations of legislation in the field of personal data protection
provision of clarifications and methodological assistance on personal data protection issues
Current status of personal data protection
  • To regulate public relations in the field of personal data, there is the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Personal Data and its Protection"
  • Specifics of protection of personal data in electronic form for state systems are defined in the Law of the RK "On informatization"
  • Liability for violation of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan on personal data and their protection is established
New functions of the Information Security Committee
  • Regulatory and legal regulation of personal data protection
  • Protection of the rights of personal data subjects
  • Control over compliance with personal data protection requirements
Expected result of the event on personal data protection
  • Bringing the field of personal data processing in compliance with the requirements of the best world practices (GDPR)
  • Increasing the attractiveness of the digital economy for citizens and businesses
  • Promoting the development of the information security industry
  • Increasing public and business confidence in the state
Kazakhstan's place in the global cybersecurity index
78 %
the level of public awareness of cybersecurity threats
46 %
availability of employees in the field of information security
information Security Situation Centers
computer Emergency Response Teams (FIRST)
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