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Last update: 02.09.2021

cup "Altyn sapa" Annually, pursuant to the Presidential Decree as of October 9, 2006 No.194, Altyn Sapa Award is handed competitively to organizations that achieved significant results in the field of goods quality and/or services quality providing their safety, and also to organizations that implemented highly-efficient quality management methods.

The Presidential Awаrd for achievements in the field of quality is a key event of the year. Traditionally, the award is presented by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which indicates the significance of the event for the country.

Major objectives of the tender

  • activating operation of organizations aimed at increasing quality of domestic goods;
  • assistance in saturation of Kazakhstani market with high quality and competitive goods;
  • popularization of quality idea among citizens.

Major criteria for participation in tender for the “Altyn Sapa” Presidential Award are as follows: achievement of significant results in the field of goods` or services quality; enhancement of their competitiveness; application of highly-efficient quality management methods; implementation of international standards and satisfaction of consumers` demands.  

 Annually, “Altyn Sapa” Award is divided into three nominations: 

  • “The best manufacturing company”; 
  • “The best company manufacturing goods for population”; 
  • “The best company delivering services”;
  • “The best company manufacturing food products and/or agricultural products”.

For each nomination, three prizes are awarded in the following categories:

  • “Small business entity”; 
  • “Medium business entity”; 
  • “Large business entity”. 
  • Special award "Best Industrial Project";
  • Special award "Best Innovative Project"

Individual entrepreneurs and legal entities manufacturing goods, delivering services (except manufactory of weapons and military equipment) on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, exept for organizations where the share of government participation is more than 50% and also organizations in relation of which in the prescribed order decision on realizing the procedures specified by legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan were accepted can participate in the tender.

Prize winners are awarded with the appropriate diploma, emblem of the competition and a monetary reward of 450 monthly calculation indices. Laureates receive the right to use the logo of the Altyn Sapa contest for advertising purposes for four years.


The award was established by the Presidential Decree as of October 9, 2006 No.194 “On Tender for “Altyn Sapa” Presidential Award” to create a new Kazakhstani economy, develop domestic manufacture and consistently increase the quality of goods and services.


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