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Last update: 22.09.2023

Program «7-20-25»

Pursuant to the Decision of the Managing Board of the National Bank of the RK No. 107 as of May 31, 2018, the housing mortgage program «7-20-25». New opportunities to acquire an accommodation for each family” was approved.

What is «7-20-25»?

«7-20-25» is a mortgage program operating in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The program was developed under implementation of tasks of the first initiative “New opportunities to acquire an accommodation for each family” announced in the Message of Nursultan Nazarbayev to the people within “Five social initiatives of the President”. 

«7-20-25» is a social program for the Republic of Kazakhstan citizens which provides new opportunities to improve housing conditions for each citizen along with affordable mortgage conditions.

For the first time in Kazakhstan, a housing program is approved that is exclusively aimed at primary market from property developers chosen by the program participant.

The «7-20-25» program operator is «Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund» JSC.

Who can participate in the program?

Housing mortgage is provided in the national currency and each Kazakhstani citizen who has income from labour and (or) entrepreneurial activities and who does not have a property on an ownership basis has the right to participate in the program.  

Why «7-20-25» program is beneficial?

At the moment,  «7-20-25» is a beneficial mortgage program with a low remuneration rate of 7% (annual effective rate of return: 7.2%), the amount of initial instalment is 20% from a cost of property (maximum cost of property is 25 million tenge in Astana, Almaty (inclusive of suburban areas), Aktau, Atyrau and Shymkent; 20 million tenge in Karaganda and 15 million tenge for other regions. The term of mortgage repayment was extended up to 25 years.  No fee is charged from a mortgage recipient for a mortgage servicing.

Also, it is not mandatory to insure a pledged property and life of mortgage recipient. If there is a necessity for insurance than all the expenses are undertaken by a bank which provides a mortgage.   

To obtain a mortgage under the «7-20-25» program, an individual should comply with the following requirements:

  • Citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Absence of property on an ownership basis on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Availability of constant confirmed income from entrepreneurial or labour activities 
  • Absence of real estate loans

Partner banks of «7-20-25»​ program

Those who want to obtain a mortgage under the «7-20-25» program can apply to a partner bank with which «Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund» JSC has a cooperation agreement:

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