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Registration of rights to condominium in Kazakhstan: how to register and what for is it necessary Printable version

Last update: 30.05.2024

Rights to condominium objects- new and not fully understandable word, which is often used in daily life of Kazakhstan people. Before, we described how to register the rights to real estate, what does the right to property on real estate, amounts of rates for transactions with real estate mean and how much does the registration of rights to real estate cost. In this article you will learn about the rights to objects of condominium, in what cases and how they must be registered and what advantages does this form of property.    

Condominium- is a special form of property or other right to «State-owned corporation «Government for citizens» NJSC, where individual parts of real estate are in separate/individual property of citizens and/or legal persons, and those parts of real estate which are in separate property, including land parcel belong them on the right of common equity property and not separated from the rights to real estate parts, which is in separate property.

For example, the house in which every apartment is a property of the occupant, but together the house and adjacent land parcel is a common property. Condominium- is a common ownership between owners of apartments in one dwelling house or houses, located on one land parcel.  

If we consider everyday situations, each of us had a thought to whom do the balconies belong, who must control the general condition of house, provision of heating, repair of roof and staircase in the house and other aspects of comfortable living. In the article you will find the answers on many questions and learn how to improve your living conditions.   

Why is it necessary to register condominium?

What are the objects of condominium?

How to register the rights to condominium of dwelling house?

List of necessary documents for registration of condominium objects:

Rights and duties of apartments owners in condominium  


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