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Last update: 03.07.2023

 sales contract and keyRegistration of the rights for real estate is an obligatory procedure that confirms the rights for the property. Buy and sell agreement, inheritance, exchange and loan do not confirm your rights but give the grounds for the registration. Registration of the rights for the real estate is required for becoming the fully legitimate owner, protecting you from fraud and helping freely maintain deals with it in the future.  To the real estate refer everything that is connected with the certain location – land parcels, buildings, constructions. Everything that can be moved without damage. Property is divided into two categories - primary and secondary objects. The primary objects include buildings and structures of specific functionality that are important for urban facilities, and for the secondary - the objects of individual (separate) ownership right (flat, integrated premises, shops, offices included to the complement of primary object). Like all of us, citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, have ID card, real estate in the country also has its own unique number (cadastral number) and technical certificate. You can learn Real Estate section. To the full identification characteristics of the real estate refer:

  • address and registration code of the address, if available (cadaster information on land);
  • type of property;
  • cadastral number of the property;
  • form of ownership;
  • number of components;
  • category of land and their divisibility;
  • designated purpose;
  • storey and area (common, residential and useful).

Which types of rights and encumbrances for the real estate are to be registered?

When and where to apply for registration of rights

The order of rights registration


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