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Last update: 22.09.2022

handsVolunteering (from lat.voluntarius-voluntary) - a wide range of activities, including traditional forms of mutual aid and self-help, formal service delivery and other forms of civil participation, undertaken voluntarily for the benefit of the general public without any expectation of monetary rewаrd.

Thus, volunteering is unpaid, conscious, voluntary activities for the benefit of others. Anyone who works knowingly and selflessly for the benefit of others, can be called a volunteer.

Volunteer activities include: environmental movement, planting trees, flowers, help vulnerable sectors of the population: the elderly, people with disabilities, the homeless; promotion of healthy lifestyles; assistance in organizing large urban, international events and festivals; online volunteering.

Volunteering does not include wages, but has many advantages: personal formation of human experience and the acquisition of new skills, opportunity to try out different areas.

Active volunteer movement in Astana officially began with VII Asian Winter Games. Today in Astana there is a National Volunteer Network, formed in 2010 to create and maintain Artistic volunteer. 3-year period of the NAF has worked extensively on training volunteers. In 2010, trainings were conducted for volunteers Conference of ESCAP in 2011 NAF has trained more than 200 volunteers team leaders for the VII Asian Winter Games, as well as volunteers prepared for the Forum of the OSCE, in 2012, was organized by the selection and training of volunteers for the next session of the Assembly people of Kazakhstan, Astana 2019 World PARA Powerlifting Championships and many other activities. In addition on a permanent basis there are schools of volunteers.

Besides organizational volunteering, there is a social one. Public Foundation "Best For Kids" were created for the socialization of children from orphanages. Volunteers Foundation conduct master classes, workshops, sports and cultural activities for children of two orphanages - Akkol and Zholymbetskogo repositories 120-140 km from Astana. To become a volunteer, it is enough to have the desire to help or do things for the good of society. Recall that 2020 was declared the Year of Volunteering in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

UNICEF Volunteering Program

If you have a bachelor's degree, several years of work experience and are interested in long-term volunteering in developing countries, you can register for the United Nations Volunteer Program (UNV).

This is a United Nations program that recruits volunteers to carry out various tasks in various organizations of the UN system, including UNICEF. Application procedures and information are available on the UNV website.

UNICEF does not provide scholarships or grants.



Field of activity

Legal address

Telephone, fax

NGO "Center for Youth Development« ASTANA »

We develop young people through general principles of friendship and mutual assistance with the help of ideas and good examples from the experience of our colleagues, friends and experts of the business through volunteering and active participation in projects that are closely associated with the development

Development and promotion of Volunteering and other youth initiatives to positive development of society

The Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, 01000, Tlendiev st. 15/4-198

Shabaev Nikita Yurjevich

+7 701 935 60 32

RP «Best For Kids»

Realization of project on Social adaptation of children - orphans on a voluntary basis

Children's homes, as well as colleges, where students are trained

RP Best For Kids, Astana, Kazakhstan

Shabaev Nikita

+7 701 935 60 32

Aliya Pistaeva

+7 701 531 57 18

NGO "Creative Art-therapy Center " Ocean - Art "

Development of art therapy in Kazakhstan. Enrichment of level of cultural, health and environmental activities with the use of modern technologies

Rehabilitation of children with disabilities

Astana c., Kabanbai batyr st. 4

Tatenova Gulmira Sailaubekovna

+ 7 701 473 70 61

Public Foundation Үnsіz Alem / Silent World

Support for people with hearing disabilities, children with both parents of deaf

Opening the workshop. Support for disabled entrepreneurs;

"Customer support of sign language";

Support for children with both parents of deaf

Astana c., Abylai-khan a. 49/3

Tulepbergenova Mariya Lukpanovna

8 (7172)44 76 49

+7 707 057 77 77

Public Association of Persons with Disabilities Center "Independent Life"


Protect the rights and promote the interests of people with disabilities in Astana

Implementation of projects aimed on involving people with disabilities in active participation in society

Astana c., md.5, h.9, f.1, Brusilovskii st.17/3,office 407

Erdildinova Dina

8 (7172) 46 65 68, 56  97 71

Public charitable foundation "Nur Alem Kazakhstan"

Developing of philanthropy culture in the Republic of Kazakhstan

The poor children, families with children of cerebral palsy and persons with disabilities

Astana c., Petrov st.,32/1

Kazhymukan st. 14


Konovalova N.B.

8 (7172) 35 41 20

Youth public Association "Human Health Institute"

Education of the public

Health and the environment

Astana c., Sygynak st., д.9, кв.17

Tereshkevich Dmitrii Petrovich 

8702 121 52 75

8 (7172) 44 59 41

Global Shapers Community in Astana- Young Leaders Association of Astana

Development and promotion of young people's initiatives directed to the positive development of capital, citizens and city guests 

Development and promotion of young people's initiatives directed to the positive development of capital, citizens and city guests 

Astana c., Kabanbay batyr ave., 53, C3 block, office 3,007

Aiman Yedigeyeva

Inna Fillipovich

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