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Last update: 06.10.2021

Qualifying requirements to workers and complexity of certain kinds of works are established on the basis of the Uniform tariff-qualifying directory of works and trades of working, tariff-qualifying characteristics of trades of workers, Qualifying directory of posts of heads, experts and others serving, and also typical qualifying characteristics of posts of heads, experts and other serving organizations. 

Labor payment systems

Labor workers are paid hourly, piecework or other labor payment system.

Payment can be made for individual and (or) collective results of work.

Labor payment system can be formed on the basis of the tariff, tariff-free or mixed system.

The tariff system of labor payment includes:

  • tariff rate (salaries)
  • tariff scale
  • tariff factors

Tariff-free system of labor payment is based on share distribution of funds intended on labor payment, depending on criteria and on principles of an estimation of professional qualities of workers and their contribution to the final result.

Mixed system of labor payment can contain elements both tariff, and tariff-free labor payment systems.

To enhance the interest of workers to improve production efficiency and quality of work the employer may introduce system of bonuses and other forms of stimulation of labor.

The system of payment and stimulation of labor of workers is defined by conditions of the collective agreement, labor contract and (or) certificates of the employer.

Labor payment system should provide share of the basic salary (relatively constant part of salary) not less than 75 percent in a monthly average salary of workers without single stimulating payments.

Labor system of payment of workers of organizations financed by the state budget and estimate (budget) of the National bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan established by standard legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Repayment terms of labor and awarding of executives of national companies and joint-stock companies, which controlling shares belong to the state are defined on the basis of the Typical position confirmed by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The order of consideration and coordination of parameters of system of labor payment of workers of organizations, on services (goods, works) which is entered state regulation of tariffs (prices, fee rates), established by the authorized state structure on labor.

Repayment terms of labor defined by labor, collective contracts, agreements, certificates of the employer, can't be worsened in comparison with conditions established by the Labor code and other standard legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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