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How to issue documents for the provision of special social services in the conditions of home care Printable version

Last update: 05.04.2020

garantirovannyie-uslugi-300x237_1.pngIn Kazakhstan, a large number of social services and programs have been created that are extremely necessary for the population, which can be obtained without leaving home, for example, providing invalids and the elderly with sanitary and hygienic services, providing first aid, assisting in medical and social expertise, assistance in obtaining a guaranteed volume of free medical care, conducting procedures related to health, etc.

According to the Standard for the provision of special social services in the field of social protection of the population in conditions of rendering services at home, each of them has been created and developed for citizens of the republic, but far from everyone knows what services are and how to use them properly, we offer you the order of registration of documents for the provision of special social services in the conditions of care at home.

The main tasks of organizing home-based services are:

  1. Provision of special social services in accordance with established volumes.
  2. Provision of special social services tailored to the individual needs of service recipients, focused on improving their personal development, socialization and integration.
  3. Improving the quality and effectiveness of the special social services provided.

The main functions of the organization of home-based services are:

  1. Identification and accounting of service recipients in need of home-based services.
  2. Assistance in creating a favorable moral and psychological climate in the familiar social environment.
  3. Providing comprehensive assistance to recipients of services by providing a set of necessary special social services aimed at conducting health and social rehabilitation activities.
  4. Conducting social, medical and professional rehabilitation of disabled people at home.
  5. Informing the recipients of services and their family members about the amounts and types of special social services.
  6. Perfection of the organization of work and improvement of professional skill of the personnel.
  7. Other functions in accordance with the constituent documents of the organization of home-based services.

The following persons can file the documents for the provision of special social services in conditions of care at home:

  • children with disabilities with psychoneurological pathologies;
  • children with disabilities with musculoskeletal disorders;
  • people with disabilities older than eighteen with psychoneurological diseases;
  • invalids of the first and second groups;
  • persons who is not capable of self-care due to old age.

For registration of documents for the provision of special social services in the conditions of home care, it is necessary to provide a list of documents in the NJSC State Corporation "Government for Citizens" or local executive bodies of the cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty, districts and cities of regional significance:

  1. Statement.
  2. A copy of the identity document of the recipient of the service with the presence of an individual identification number (IIN).
  3. Medical card.
  4. A copy of an extract from an individual rehabilitation program of a disabled person (for the elderly it is not required).
  5. For persons of retirement age – a copy of the pension certificate.
  6. For participants and invalids of the Great Patriotic War and persons equated to them – copies of the certificate confirming the status of the participant and disabled veteran of the Great Patriotic War and a person equated to them.
  7. For children – a copy of the conclusion of the psychological-medical-pedagogical consultation.

Copies of documents are provided together with the originals, which after verification are returned to the applicant, except for the medical record.

Home services are provided in the daytime.

If more than a month has elapsed since the date of issuance of the notification of placing on the queue, when registering the direction, the district (city) authorized agency for employment and social programs informs the recipient of the service about the need to undergo a second medical examination and provide a medical card.

After acceptance of the written application and other documents, the expert of the authorized body within five working days leaves to a place of residing of the invalid and aged and makes the certificate of inspection of housing and other material and household conditions.

The report on housing and other material and living conditions is drawn up within three working days from the date of the survey.

When providing special social services, take into account the age and health status of the recipients of services, the content of an individual rehabilitation program, the degree of reduction in motor activity, living conditions and other objective factors.

It should be noted that not all the above-mentioned persons can receive this service, as there are certain medical contra-indications that are grounds for refusing the service at home to persons over the age of eighteen, for example:

  • tuberculosis in the active stage of the process, quarantine infections, infectious diseases of the skin and hair, venereal diseases, AIDS;
  • other diseases requiring in-patient treatment in specialized medical organizations;
  • mental illness in acute and subacute stage;
  • the state of exacerbation of a chronic mental illness;
  • Mental illness characterized by severe psychotic symptoms, severe impairment of desire and behavioral disorders that are dangerous to the recipient of services and others, namely: any paroxysmal or progressively ongoing mental illness with a tendency to frequent exacerbations or relapses of the disease with frequent decompensations, in need of inpatient treatment in specialized medical organizations;
  • epilepsy and convulsive syndrome of other etiology with frequent (more than five times a month) seizures, a tendency to serial seizures, epileptic status, twilight state of consciousness, dysphoria;
  • chronic alcoholism, drug addiction, other mental illnesses complicated by chronic alcoholism or any kinds of drug addiction;
  • pronounced depressive and manic states of different genesis, protracted reactive states.

Termination and suspension of special social services. 


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