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Electronic Labor Exchange (more – EBT) is a single digital platform for employment, providingat* opportunities for job search and recruitment assistance. Information about vacancies and job seekers across the Country is updated daily from various sources:

- employers and job seekers independently;

- from the state database of vacancies and job seekers (integration with the State database formed by employment centers);

- private employment agencies;

- the mass media;

- Online job sites.


Portal EBT allows for users:

- get online access to the database of vacancies and summaries;

- register a personal account and place a vacancy or resume;

- to subscribe to the newsletter and receive the vacancies and resume published on the portal, in accordance with the specified criteria (sphere of activity, profession, region) to your e-mail address or to the Telegram messenger;

- apply for a job or be hired using the feedback and interview invitation modes;

- submit on-line information about current vacancies to the Employment Centers;

- provide online statistical reporting;

- take a career guidance test and find vacancies on the portal that match the test results;


Employee search and recruitment services at the EBT are constantly expanding and currently include:

- automatic selection of vacancies based on the specified professional skills;

- automation of the business process of employment in the civil service on the terms of a general competition;

- personal online distribution of graduates from healthcare, education, and other fields;

- atlas of new professions and competencies in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- atlas of recommended professions and occupations for people with disabilities.


The Electronic Labor Exchange provides citizens with an online service public employment services:

- registering a job seeker;

- selection of suitable vacancies for permanent work;

- assignment of the unemployed status;

- receiving social security payments in case of job loss;

- participation in active employment promotion measures;

- submission of applications for relocation from labor-surplus to labor-deficient regions

The electronic labor exchange creates new conditions for involving the population in productive employment, provides an opportunity for a citizen to find a new job, and an employer to find the necessary personnel, including in other regions of the country.


Registration on the E-Exchange, access to the database of vacancies and summaries, publication of vacancies, summaries and other information is provided around the clock and at no cost.

The EBT resume placement service and job subscription can also be used in the eGov mobile mobile application.

Finding jobs and employees with EBT is fast, convenient and easy!


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