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The Electronic Labor Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the E-Exchange) is a single digital employment platform that provides opportunities for job search and assistance in recruiting staff. Information on vacancies and job seekers throughout the Republic is updated daily from various sources:

- employers and job seekers themselves;

- from the state database of vacancies and job seekers (integration with the State database formed by employment centers);

- private employment agencies;

- the mass media;

- Online job sites.

The E-Exchange portal allows:

- get online access to the database of vacancies and summaries;

- register a personal account and place a vacancy or resume;

- to subscribe to the newsletter and receive the vacancies and resume published on the portal, in accordance with the specified criteria (sphere of activity, profession, region) to your e-mail address or to the Telegram messenger;

- recruit or be recruited using the response and interviewing modes;

- place in the Personal account of the employer applications for subsidizing special workplaces;

- submit on-line information about current vacancies to the Employment Centers;

- register the employment contract with the employee in the personal account of the employer and send information to the unified system of accounting for labor contracts;

- provide online statistical reporting;

- to pass the test for career guidance and find vacancies on the portal corresponding to the results of the test;

- get consulting assistance on 18 public services through the module "Virtual Consultant".

Registration on the E-Exchange, access to the database of vacancies and summaries, publication of vacancies, summaries and other information is provided around the clock and at no cost.

You can also use the E-exchange service for posting resumes and subscribing to vacancies in the eGov mobile mobile application.

Job and staff search with E-Exchange is fast, convenient and easy!

The portal has its official pages on the social networks Facebook, VK, ОК, Twitter, and Instagram. On the official pages, daily information about the vacancies and statistics of the portal is covered.

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