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How to register (to write out) itself and the child?

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All know that lack of a registration for one reason or another complicates any interaction of the citizen with authorities, banks, the medical and other organizations. First of all, the registration is necessary in case of receipt of the first important document – identity certificates or passports. How to receive a registration or to be written out from the former place of residence and why with a new sample much simpler to make – answers to these questions you learn all these identity certificates below.


According to the Order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan registration of a residence of citizens is performed based on the documents confirming acquisition of the dwelling in property or testimonial of its obtaining in using, including according to (lease) employment contract, under hiring or in the written consent of the owner (employer) of the dwelling.

 It is possible to register:

- in apartment houses and apartments;

- country structures of gardening partnerships and cooperatives;

- hostels, hotels, rest houses, sanatorium, dispensaries, medical institutions, houses boarding schools, boarding houses, pensioner's houses, office buildings and rooms.

Thus, in the absence of own housing it is possible to register in rent housing, and also on place of employment in the presence of a hostel.

Procedure of a registration and the statement is performed in «State-owned corporation «Government for citizens» NJSC.

In case of a registration if you aren't the owner of housing there shall be an owner of housing.  

The following documents will be necessary for you for a registration: 

1)  the statement for registration with a consent of the owner of the dwelling;

2)  the documents confirming acquisition by him in accordance with the established procedure of the dwelling in property or providing right to installation in the dwelling on other bases, stipulated by the legislation the Republic of Kazakhstan (the original and the copy);

3)  book of registration of citizens or address reference;

4)  address leaf of departure from a former residence;

5)  the original and the identity certificate copy (children till 16 years – the certificate of birth);

6) the receipt on payment of the state fee in the amount of 0,1 monthly settlement indicator (MSI) (the persons exempted from payment of the state fee, provide supporting documents.

Persons liable for call-up in addition provide:

-  the military ticket (the assigned certificate for recruits) with a mark of local body of military management about acceptance on military accounting (the original and the copy);

-  address leaf of arrival in a new residence in number of 3 pieces (in case of receipt of service by means of Registrations point (RP)  Documentation and population registration (DPR) filling of forms isn't required);

-  the statistical coupon to an arrival leaf;

For all citizens having identity certificates of a new sample, there is an opportunity to register on a new residence without the preliminary statement from the former address. Removal from accounting will be made automatically in case of a registration on the new address. Thus, if you have a certificate of a new sample, for a reregistration you can address directly in «State-owned corporation «Government for citizens» NJSC in the new place of residence. But if you have a certificate of an old sample, or it is absent (as at children till 16 years), procedure of a registration statement will standardly take place: in this case you at first are written out from the former place of residence, only after that in case of presentation of a leaf of departure you will be able to register to the new address.

The registration and the statement of children not reached full age age is performed in accordance with general practice according to certificates of birth or passports of the citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan in case of their availability. According to the Order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan registration of children till 16 years in information system of Registrations point (RP)  Documentation and population registration (DPR) is performed in the presence Individual identification number in certificates of birth or inserts to certificates of birth. Documents on registration of children are filed by their parents or legal representatives. Children being in child care facilities (children's homes, orphanages, boarding schools, special schools, schools), are registered according to the petition of administration of organizations territorial law-enforcement bodies to the address of these organizations and educational institutions if they aren't registered in a place of registration of parents (trustees, trustees).

Let's remind, the list of necessary documents can be received on a portal of the electronic government or in the information table of «State-owned corporation «Government for citizens» NJSC. Information on bank details and the amount which should be paid, can also be received in «State-owned corporation «Government for citizens» NJSC.


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Last update: 04.01.2017


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