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What should one do in case of landslides? Printable version

Last update: 06.06.2023

45_4.jpgLandslide - is dislocation of rock masses along a slope under the influence of its own weight and additional load.

Causes of landslides:

  • underwashing of a slope;
  • overwetting of rocks;
  • excessive watering of gardens on slopes; 
  • alternation of clay and sand-and-gravel rocks; 
  • presence of clays, sands, ice in the soil;
  • weathering of hard rocks; 
  • seismic shocks and earthquakes; 
  • destruction of slopes by road excavations, trenches, channels;
  • irrational farming on the slopes;
  • deforestation of forests, shrubs on the slopes;
  • blasting and construction of various facilities on the slopes; 
  • choking of groundwater outlet sites; 
  • waterlogging of slopes due to malfunctions in water and sewage networks.

Most often, landslides occur along the banks of rivers, reservoirs and on mountain slopes. The landslides can occur on all the slopes, but they occur much more often on clay soils (excessive moistening of rocks can cause it), so for the most part they descend in the spring-summer period.

The first signs of a landslide:

  • doors and windows in the house stop closing or are clamped;
  • cracks appear in a plaster of the walls and foundation of a house;
  • cracks appear and expand on the surface of the earth, sidewalks, roads;
  • the earth starts to swell under the base of the slopes, new groundwater outlets appear, fences and trees begin to shift;
  • rumble is heard and grows.

When detecting the above signs of a landslide:

  • inform the relevant authorities and departments of the Ministry of Emergency Situations!
  • turn off electricity, water supply, gas supply;
  • remove flammable and toxic substances from a house;
  • get to a safe place;
  • restrict access of other people to a risk zone.

To call the rescue service, dial 112

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