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Last update: 10.04.2024

человек в формеCarbon monoxide is extremely toxic to humans. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause serious damage to health and lead to death!

Carbon monoxide releases due to a lack of oxygen during burning.

Carbon monoxide is caused by:

  • clogged chimney or leaky chimney pipe
  • untimely closing of furnace flap, insufficient access of fresh air, poor draft
  • wood burning in the stove or fireplace
  • cracks in the furnace heat exchanger
  • cooking on the grill in the utility rooms
  • corroded or disconnected water heater vent pipe
  • burning of household gas in conditions of lack of oxygen and poor ventilation
  • fires (finding a person in the center of a fire)
  • turned on vehicle
  • any burning in a closed room without air supply

Carbon monoxide has no smell, so it is very difficult to recognize it!

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning (one to several symptoms are possible): dizziness, heaviness and throbbing in the head, headache, nausea, vomiting, suffocation, shortness of breath, coughing, watery eyes, fatigue, disorientation, fainting.

First aid in case of carbon monoxide poisoning:

In case of mild poisoning (dizziness and nausea) - quickly remove a person from the carbon monoxide zone, ensure a flow of fresh air (open the windows and doors)

If a person is conscious - give him/her ammonia liquid to smell, rub the body, make a strong tea or coffee, call an ambulance.

If a person is unconscious - immediately begin artificial respiration before the ambulance arrives.

Note! Even with mild carbon monoxide poisoning, do not leave a person unattended until his/her condition completely returns to normal and be ready to call an ambulance if necessary.

To contact ambulance, call 103
To contact the rescue service, call 112

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