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Last update: 20.09.2023


Getting an education is an important stage in the life of a modern person. Education opens for anyone a straight road to new, great opportunities. Despite the presence in the education system of wonderful opportunities for free education, still most students need to pay for knowledge. The introduction and development of the system of educational loans is one of the ways to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge for entrants. In this article, we will talk about educational loan, tell you about the methods of obtaining it and what documents are needed for this.

In order to ensure access to technical and professional, post-secondary, higher and postgraduate education since 2005, "Financial Center", JSC, acts as a guarantor on behalf of the state on educational loans issued by second-tier banks of the RK. Educational loans are issued under the guarantee of Financial Center, JSC of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The loans themselves are issued directly by second-tier banks of the RK.

Financial Center, JSC, performs work in the following areas:

  • issuance of guarantees for loans provided to students by second-tier banks;
  • ensuring the return of previously issued state educational and student loans (performance of attorney agent services);
  • Coordination of the program "State Educational Accumulation System";
  • per capita normative funding of secondary education;
  • employment of graduates of higher educational institutions, within the framework of the Law of the RK "On Education".

To date, the second tier banks are actively participating in the system of guaranteeing educational loans: Sberbank of Russia, ForteBank, Nurbank, Tengri Bank.

Each of the partner banks has developed its own loan program to pay for tuition, with the conditions and requirements for the borrower. More information about each...

Educational loans

Advantages for borrowers

Comparison with similar loans 

What documents need to be prepared for an educational loan


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