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How to establish educational deposit AQYL and get state scholarship every year? Printable version

Last update: 20.06.2023

State educational accumulative system - a system of money savings for payment of educational services, regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is based on the involvement of the participating banks deposits and population charge of their remuneration and bonuses of the state.

Bank (depending on the bank) is charged on the educational deposit AQYL   plus annual charge of State bonus 5% or 7%.

State bonus is charged annually for the whole deposit amount taking intp account remuneration of bank, but no more than 100 MCI per year:   

  • 7% for priority categories: orphans, children deproved of parential care, disabled, families with many children and needly families.
  • 5% for other categories of the RK population.

Minimal initial deposit - 3 MCI.

Accumulation term-  from 3 to 20 years.

In order to open educational deposit AQYL  one must submit only two documents:

  1. ID card of a parent.
  2. Birth certificate and child's IIN.  

Receiving grant depositor is entitled:

  • to take out savings;
  • transfer money to the account of other child;
  • continue to save to get other levels of education.

Pecularities of educational saving deposit AQYL :

  • educational saving deposit AQYL  is encouraged by the state bonus; 
  • state bonus, as a type of income is not subject to taxation;
  • educational saving deposit AQYL is an oblogatory guarantee of deposits of individuals (up to 10 mln. KZT);
  • opportunity to get educational credit in the Bank for 100% guarantee of the state by "Financial center" JSC.

In order to open a deposit you need:

  1. Step– Get consultation in "Financial center" JSC using our contacs.
  2. Step- Choose one of participating banks. Open educational deposit. Put initial deposit.
  3. Step– Get bank remuneration and state bonus.
  4. Step– Pay for education in collegues/HEIs of Kazakhstan or abroad. Upon receiving a grant get all percent - from bank and state.

Maximum amount of guarantee deposit remuneration in national currency is increased up to 10 mln. KZT

Contacts of «Financial center» JSC:

Free hot line: 8 800 080 28 28

Address: 010000, Astana, 18, Mangilik Yel street, 3 floor

Tel.: 8 (7172) 695-047, 695-044, 695-045

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