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Last update: 18.09.2023


In modern age education is one of the most basic aspects of identity formation. For Kazakh youth, there are many opportunities to get international experience of education, both in the short term and in the long term. This article will help youth representatives to choose the most appropriate program of study in foreign countries.

Useful links on grant opportunities abroad

  1. - Site of grants for residents of Central Asia;
  2. - grant opportunities for the people of Central Asia and Eastern Europe;
  3. - Useful group of scholarships for active youth;
  4. - a group of short-term scholarship opportunities;
  5. - site includes links to useful sites on programs of youth conferences;
  6. - site of scholarship programs from around the world;
  7. - site of the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan, competitions section for free training in various partner countries;
  8. - site of the Embassy of Japan in Kazakhstan. Detailed information about student recruitment by program of the Japan Fund.
  9. - Abay-Verne Scholarship program.
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