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Last update: 06.04.2020


Being founded in 2010, Nazarbayev University was to become world-class research institution in Kazakhstan.  The University operates in accordance with international academic standards and applies the principles of academic freedom and institutional autonomy. Nazarbayev University is preparing a four-year student in 2018.

Today, seven schools operate in Nazarbayev University, offering bachelor degree`s, master degree`s and doctorate programs in strategic cooperation with international top universities. Besides, the university comprises scientific centers under the auspices of National Laboratory Astana and Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System; technological park and other organizations within Nazarbayev University`s Innovation Cluster, and also four clinics under University Medical Center corporate fund.  

Nazarbayev University`s objective is to create a new paradigm of research-type higher education organizations in Kazakhstan and contribute to Astana becoming the international education hub as well as innovation and knowledge center.  Nazarbayev University is focused on training of the leading researches; introducing innovations to technologies and industry and supporting Kazakhstani educational system in transit period to address challenges of rapidly changing and integrating global economy.

How the training is organized in Nazarbayev University? 

Nazarbayev University has very high requirements for those who enroll. According to statistics, annually, about 700 school leavers enter the university. The government allotted 1813 grants to train specialists with higher and postgraduate education in Nazarbayev University in 2016-2017 academic years. Training in the University is in English.

Nazarbayev University strategic development model is based on partnership with the leading universities that are included to the rating of best universities of the world:

8 schools and 1 foundation center operate in Nazarbayev University:

The following training programs are available in the University:

  • foundation program;
  • bachelor degree program;
  • master degree/ doctorate programs;
  • advanced training program.

How to enroll to Foundation Program in Nazarbayev University?

Applicants must go through the online registration process to sign up for the entry examinations to the Nazarbayev University Foundation Year Programme. 

After completion of the online registration, the registered applicants will be invited to participate in the three stages of the entrance examinations. Every stage of the entry examinations is administered by the partners of the Nazarbayev University.

In total there are 3 stages of entrance exams (from February to May):

1st stage: APTIS

To pass APTIS, applicants should have an original copy of  national ID or passport (copies are not accepted). During the stage, general level of English is determined.

To pass trial APTIS click here and here.

2nd stage: Nazarbayev University Foundation Year Program Entrance Test

The applicants, who have successfully passed APTIS, or with valid IELTS or TOEFL (PBT or iBT)  certificate with overall passing score, will be invited to take the entrance examination, Nazarbayev University Foundation Year Programme Entrance Test-NUFYP Entrance Test, that evaluates core subjects’ academic readiness for studying at the University.

Depending on chosen school where the applicant is planning to continue his/her studying after successful completion of the NUFYP, the NUFYP Entrance Test shall be held in two of the following subject sections: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry/Biology, and Thinking Skills.

To familiarize with trial NUFYP Entrance Test click here

3rd stage: IELTS

The applicants, who successfully undergone the 2nd stage of the entrance exams are admitted to the 3rd stage of the exam - IELTS.

The applicants with valid IELTS or TOEFL (PBT or iBT) certificate with overall passing score may be exempted from taking the APTIS test and IELTS.  

The TOEFL test scores should be sent directly from the TOEFL Testing Center to the Admissions Department of the University. The Nazarbayev University test code for the TOEFL examination is 6762.

IELTS and TOEFL (PBT/iBT) minimum passing scores*

Minimum passing scores for the School of Engineering and the School of Science and Technology





Overall score






2 (TWE)
















Minimum passing scores for the he School of Humanities and Social Sciences





Overall score






3 (TWE)
















*Minimum passing scores for IELTS or TOEFL (PBT/IBT) can be altered by the decision of Nazarbayev University Admission Board.    

How to enroll to bachelor degree program without completion of the Nazarbayev University Foundation Program?

Currently, the university offers training in 16 specialties with the degree of "Bachelor". Admission to the bachelor degree program is competitive. Training lasts for 4 year depending from the chosen specialty. School of Medicine is an exception as it had 8-9 years program.

The below enrollment method is intended for those who want to enter bachelor degree program without studying at Foundation Program.

To apply to bachelor degree program:

  1. Familiarize with Admission Rules (follow a link).
  2. Sign up at the University`s website and receive access to the online Application Form under “My Application Forms” section in your personal account. There is no need to create a new account, if you already have one.  
  3. Upload and fill out an application form in personal account (available during registration). To save data in the form, use “Upload” option.
  4. Upload scanned copies of required documents to personal account. 
  5. Check the accuracy of information in the form according to the instruction and verify the uploaded data (application form and enclosed documents) using “Submit” button.
  6. Sent the required documents in accordance with the list to the University at the following address:

53 Kabanbay Batyr ave., Nur-Sultan, 010000, Republic of Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev University, Admission Department, room 1118.       

  1. Send the results of standardized tests to University through the tests administrators.  

List of required documents:

  1. Notarized copy of passport or national ID.
  2. Notarized copy of secondary school certificate with final academic performance records.
  3. Essay (not more than 500 words).
  4. Two academic reference letters.
  5. Results of English exams (TOEFL or IELTS).
  6. Tests results (SAT Reasoning Test or ACT with Writing Part and SAT Subject Test).
  7. Official transcript from the University attended in both the original language and English (required for transfer applications).
  8. Course descriptions in both the original language and English (required for transfer applications).

Note: All submitted documents are the University`s property and do not subject to be returned.

Minimum passing scores



School of Engineering,

School of Science and  Technologies

IELTS: no less than 6.5 overall (with at least 6.0 in each sub-score)

TOEFL_iBT: no less than 90-99; TOEFL_PBT: no less than 577-599


School of Humanities and Social Sciences

IELTS: no less than 7.0 overall (with at least 6.0 in each sub-score)

TOEFL_iBT: no less than 100-108;  TOEFL_PBT: no less than 600-629


АСТ with writing part

SAT Subject Test

SAT Reasoning Test with writing part

not less than 27

math and physics or chemistry and biology with at least 600 in each subject

not less than 1860 (up to 2016);

not less than 1240 (starting from 2016). The written part is compulsory.

How to enroll to master`s and doctorate degrees in Nazarbayev University?

Each school has its own admission rules for master`s and doctorate degrees depending on the chosen specialty. You can familiarize with the schools programs visiting their websites.

        - Master of Business Administration (MBA)

        - Executive MBA

       -Master of Public Policy

       - Master of Public Administration

       - Ph.D. in Education

       - M.Sc. in Educational Leadership

       - М.А. in Multilingual Education

      - MA in Eurasian Studies

      - MA in Political Science & International Relations

      - MA in Economics

      - MSc in Biological Sciences;

      - MSc in Computer Sciences;

      - MSc in Physics;

      - MSc in Robotics.

     - MEng in Engineering Management (joint program with Graduate School of Business)

     - MSc in Civil Engineering

     - MSc in Chemical Engineering

     - MSc in Machanical Engineering

     - MSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

     - PhD in Science, Engineering and Technology

     - Master of  Public Health

     - PhD in Medicine

    - Master of Mining

Contact details

Nazarbayev University, autonomous educational organization
Address: 53 Kabanbay Batyr ave., Nur-Sultan, 010000 
Reception: +7(7172)706688 

Admission department:

Tel.: +7 (7172)706555


Skype: nuadmissionsteam, admissions_department (advance registration for an individual consultation is performed by the following e-mail:

Representatives in Almaty:

140/140а Kabanbay Batyr str. (corner of Amangeldy str.), Almaty, 050000, 2nd floor

Tel.: + 7 (727) 272 56 07, + 7 (727) 272 55 58, + 7 (727) 272 55 91

Official website:

Nazarbayev University account on Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube

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