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Last update: 22.05.2023

road accident

Sitting behind the wheel, each driver is responsible for their lives and the lives of passengers and pedestrians. And each of them should know what to do and what to do categorically impossible in a road accident, as usually under such circumstances, people tend to make rash decisions. In this article, you will learn the step-by-step actions and basic rules of behavior in a road accident. 

Road accident - an event that arose during the movement on the road of a vehicle and with its participation, which caused damage to health, death of a person, damage to vehicles, structures, cargo or other material damage.

Types of accidents:

• Collision 

• Tilting 

• Head-on crash 

• Hitting a pedestrian 

• Hitting a bicyclist 

• Hitting a standing vehicle 

• Collision with horse-drawn vehicles 

• Hitting the animals 

• The fall of passengers 

• Other accidents 

According to the Rules of the Road , approved by the Government Decree of November 13, 2014 No. 1196 (hereinafter - the SDA) , in case of a road accident, the driver involved in it is obliged:

  1. immediately stop (do not touch the vehicle), turn on the emergency warning light and set the emergency stop sign (flashing red light) in accordance with the requirements of section 7, paragraph 2 of the SDA, do not move objects related to the accident;
  2. take possible measures to provide pre-medical medical assistance to the victims, to call for emergency medical care, and in case of emergency, to send the victims to the passing, and if this is not possible, to deliver on their vehicle to the nearest medical institution, to provide your name, state registration number plate of the vehicle (with the presentation of an identity document or driver's license and registration document for the vehicle) and return to the scene;
  3. immediately inform about the accident to the nearest body of internal affairs, write down the names and addresses of eyewitnesses and expect the arrival of employees of the internal affairs bodies, except for the cases provided for by paragraph 8 of section 1 of the traffic rules;
  4. release the roadway if the traffic of other vehicles is not possible;
  5. if it is necessary to release the carriageway, in advance of the witnesses, fix the position of the vehicle, tracks and items pertaining to the accident, take all possible measures for their preservation and ensure the detour of the scene.

In the case of a road accident, if there are no victims, with the mutual consent of the drivers in assessing the circumstances of the accident, having previously drawn up the scheme of the accident and signing it, they arrive in the nearest subdivision of the internal affairs bodies for the registration of the accident.

In other words, in the case of a road accident you need:

  1. make sure that there are no victims, if there is, then call an ambulance;
  2. Turn on the "alarm" and set the emergency stop sign;
  3. if there were witnesses to the accident, their contact details should be recorded. This can be useful in special cases;
  4. call the administrative police ( 102 if there are no casualties / 112 if there are (calls free)) and insurance agents (tel: see insurance ).

Upon arrival, employees of the road police patrol must file all the case materials:

  1. draw up a road accident scheme, 
  2. a road accident site inspection report, 
  3. administrative protocol, 
  4. select explanations, 
  5. send drivers for medical examination. 

The road police officers also check all your documents, draw a diagram and ask to tow vehicles in some cases, when on the road accident site a vehicle makes traffic of other cars difficult.

Further, the employee of the road police patrol, gives you an explanatory form addressed to the head of the local police service.

You fill in the form, it is necessary to specify the approximate time of the accident, the intersection of streets (opposite), state. car number, direction of traffic and a detailed description of the accident, also the OPAG policy number. 

Drawing up schemes, protocols regarding road accidents

Parking fine 

Medical Examination

Filling out an explanatory

Technical expertise (evaluation) 

Specialized regional and / or equivalent administrative court

Administrative liability for a road accident 

Criminal liability for a road accident


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