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Last update: 02.09.2021


In this article we will talk about how to register a legal entity online as a small or medium-sized business entity. The electronic service, in addition to the registration of the LE, includes the possibility of opening a bank account and entering into a contract for compulsory insurance of employees.

If earlier the applicant had to register a legal entity, then submit a registration certificate to the bank to open an account, and also visit the insurance company to conclude a compulsory insurance contract, now, thanks to the modernization of the service, all these steps can be completed at once, submitting one online -application without leaving home.

Below is a brief table describing the benefits of an online service.



Registration of LE

Place of service

PSC or a local justice authority

Online service on the portal

Required documents

1. Application;

2. Charter;

3. Memorandum of Association;

4. Decision of the authorized body of the LE or the founder on the creation of the LE;

5. a document confirming the location;

6. a receipt of payment of state duty.

Documents are not needed.

The application and part of the points are filled out online or attached in electronic form. Part of the information is drawn from the information systems of state authorities.

The online service for registration of LE does not require payment.

Opening a bank account

Place of service

Second tier bank

The same online service on the portal

Required documents

1. Application;

2. completed bank application form;

3. document with specimen signatures of the manager;

4. certificate of state registration of the LE;

5. informational references with information about the LE;

6. charter (original and copy);

7. documents proving the identity of the founders, owners;

8. copies of the state license;

9. power of attorney and their copies.

At a minimum, it is necessary to attach only the completed bank questionnaire in the electronic form.

If you have the following documents, you can attach their scans:

1. application for accession to the Agreement between the bank and the client;

2. Charter;

3. samples of signatures;

4. extract from the register of holders of securities;

5. power of attorney.

Conclusion of an insurance contract

Place of service

Insurance Company

The same online service on the portal

Required documents

1. application form for insurance;

2. staffing;

3. charter;

You need to fill out an online application form and attach a charter and a list of employees.

The total term of all services

At least 7-13 working days

2 working days


How does the online service work?

The full name of the service is “State registration of legal entities, record registration of their branches and representative offices, taking into account the opening of a bank account and compulsory insurance of an employee against accidents in the performance of his labor (official) duties” It is located in the subsection “Registration and Business Development” of the portal. Go to it and click on the button “Order online service”.

  1. In the first step, you need to specify the legal form and fill out the fields with the full and short name of your company in three languages – Kazakh, Russian and English.

The legal form is selected from one of the following:

  • General partnership;
  • Limited partnership;
  • Limited Liability Partnership;
  • Partnership with additional liability;
  • Production cooperative.

Next, indicate the IIN of the manager, the number and date of the decision of the authorized body of the LE to appoint the head.

When specifying information about the founders, it is necessary to fill in the fields with their IIN / BIN, full name / name, as well as provide information about the amount of their contribution and its share in the authorized capital. Then it is necessary to indicate whether the LE will act according to the model charter and register as a VAT payer.

Next, indicate the legal address, contacts and code of the main type of economic activity and the approximate number of people employed.

At the end of the page, you can indicate whether you want to immediately open a bank account with this application and enter into an insurance contract. If you plan to do it yourself offline, then do not check the corresponding box.

  1. In the next step, you need to review all the information entered. Carefully re-check all information for errors.
  2. If you indicated on the first page that you will open a bank account online, then in the third step you will be required to complete all the information in order to complete this procedure.

Select one bank from the list (Alfa-Bank, Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan, Fortebank or Jýsan Bank), specify its branch and used currency (tenge, dollar, euro).

Attach the completed bank application form for opening an account, a sample of which can be downloaded immediately after selecting the STB. The application form is required.

Then you can attach documents from the following list, if available:

  • Application for accession to the Agreement between the bank and the client;
  • Charter;
  • Samples of signatures;
  • Extract from the register of holders of securities;
  • Power of Attorney (in case of submitting from the trustee of the LE).

The application of these documents is desirable, but not necessary.

  1. The next step is to fill out an application for an insurance contract.

Select an insurance company from the list:

  • 'Asia Life' Life Insurance Company, JSC;
  • 'State Annuity Company' Life Insurance Company, JSC;
  • Halyk-Life, JSC.

Fill out a form with information about employees, including information about the annual payroll and make a note in the questionnaire on labor protection in your company.

Indicate the date of commencement of the insurance period, attach a list of employees with the company's charter, and then tick off the clauses on acceptance of the insurance terms.

At this stage of filling the application of the composite service ends, and then the founders will be required to confirm it through the EDS. After this, the application is signed by the applicant himself and sent to the registering authority for approval.

The waiting time for processing an application is 2 business days. Also, note that the online registration of a legal entity is free, i.e. does not require payment of state duty.

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