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Guаrdianship and custody of child in Kazakhstan: conditions and required procedures Printable version

Last update: 19.09.2022

house and handsAdoption, guardianship and patronage- types of relations requiring special responsibility and serious approach. Making a decision on trusteeship or guardianship for a child it is necessary to be ready not only morally and financially but also legally. Main conditions and stages of trusteeship and guardianship of a child we will consider in this article.

First of all let’s make clearance with definitions, characterizing the relations between adoptive parents and a child. According to the Code on marriage and matrimony types of legal relations can be: adoption, trusteeship, guardianship or patronage. In this article we will consider trusteeship and guardianship, but you may familiarize with the order of adoption in Kazakhstan and learn how to become a patronage forester.  

Trusteeship and guardianship mostly refer to property regulations, but it doesn’t mean that guardian or trustee must not care about the ward. The main difference between guardianship/trusteeship and adoption is the aspects of disability and age. In other words it is the assistance to those who by any reasons of health and age is not able to exist independently, protect their rights and administer the estate.

Who can be a trustee, guardian?

What children can be taken for trusteeship, guardianship?

Assistance and financial payment to trustees and guardians

How to become a trustee or a guardian? List of required documents and procedures

How to understand what type of relations do I need or what is the difference between trusteeship, guardianship and patronage


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