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Patronage in Kazakhstan: conditions, requirements and necessary procedures Printable version

Last update: 05.10.2021

 requirements and necessary procedures

Adoption, guardianship and foster care are kinds of relationships that require special responsibility and serious approach. Taking a decision about foster care of a child, it is necessary to be prepared not only morally and financially, but also legally. We will consider in this article the main conditions and stages of taking the child into guardianship, trusteeship or foster care in Kazakhstan.

To begin, let's deal with the concepts that characterize the relationship of the parent and the adoptive child. According to the Marriage Code, the types of legal relations can be: adoption, guardianship, trusteeship or foster care. Let us dwell on each of them in more detail.

The meaning and benefits of foster care

What kind of children can be taken into guardianship, trusteeship or patronage?

Who can be a foster caregiver?

Assistance and material payments to foster caregivers

How to become a foster caregiver? List of necessary documents and procedures

How to understand what kind of relationship suits me or how guardianship, trusteeship and foster care differ


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