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Last update: 10.04.2023

Since 2020, "e-Salyq Azamat" mobile app has been launched, which performs the capabilities of an electronic tax wallet. The "e-Salyq Azamat" mobil app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play, and one can log in to it using a digital signature, SMS password (if registration in the Mobile Citizens Database is available), as well as IIN and password.

Advantages and capabilities of the application:

  • capability to pay for taxes in 2 minutes;
  • capability to correct information on objects of taxation;
  • capability to submit declaration for individuals (Tax forms 240.00, 250.00,270.00, 700.00);
  • capability to view personal accounts;
  • capability to assess the quality of service delivery by State Revenue Authority;
  • capability to submit applications for correction of property information;
  • capability to submit passenger-customs declaration;
  • capability to submit an application for bankruptcy of an individual;
  • capability to make an online booking of an electronic queue at state revenue agencies, tax calendar, checking for fines, travel ban, search for taxpayers, including unreliable ones, etc.

Along with that, the electronic tax wallet contains the service "Employee Compensation", which provides access to information on the amounts of accrued personal income tax, which allows to get information about pension contributions, mandatory social contributions and transfers within the framework of health insurance.

For convenience, the app interface supports Kazakh, Russian and English languages.

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