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Last update: 06.08.2021

In 2020, “e-Salyq-Azamat” Electronic Tax Wallet mobile app was launched. It can be downloaded free-of-charge from App Store or Play Market (click to read more).

The service enables citizens checking an impending tax amounts prior to the date of its payment as well as making payments based on indicated bank details. Previously, a taxpayer had to visit a bank, wait in a queue, pay a bank fee and select bank details and codes to make a payment for a tax.   

Also, the Tax Wallet has online replenishment, automatic payment and viewing of taxation objects (property, land, vehicles) capabilities. An option is available to send electronic requests to authorized agencies for correction of data related to taxation objects. This allows taxpayers not to visit a variety of agencies. 

Which services are available in the mobile app?

The main menu of the app contains a number of electronic services:

- “Electronic tax wallet”;

- Taxation objects and corrections.

As is commonly known, individuals faced an issue of out-of-dateness of government agencies` state databases containing data on immovable property, vehicles, and land plots on an annual basis. 

To tackle the issue, the Working Group for update of databases was established in January 2019, which comprises technical representatives from MF, MIA, MDDIAI, “Government for Citizens” Public Corporation and NIT JSC.

“Employee compensation” enables an employee viewing sums of accrued individual income tax, pension contributions, mandatory social welfare contributions and social contributions for medical insurance. 

This is a kind of civil control, when an employee can check the way his/her income is indicated and whether contributions were made to pension and other funds.

“Service to check debts on tax and social payments” (debts checking service with capability to make payments);

“Service to check impending payments for individuals and individual entrepreneurs” (checking impending tax payments);

- “Calculator (calculation of vehicle tax and IIT, penalties);

- “Payment for SAP” (integration performed with MLSPP and KazPost JSC);

- “Online booking of electronic queue (booking a queue without visiting State Revenue bodies);

“Search for a taxpayer” (checking availability of tax registration);

“Search for untrustworthy taxpayers” (checking the status of fake companies and companies registration of which was recognized as invalid for risk assessment when drawing up civil contracts);

“Information on temporary suspension (extension, renewal) of tax statements provision and on withdrawal of tax statements”;

“References” (registers of business entities; references of minimum salary, MCI and state revenue bodies are integrated with SRC IS and are regularly updated);

“Tax Calendar” (declaration submission terms and terms of tax payments);

“Electronic book of complaints”

- “FAQ”. It contains answers to popular questions received by State Revenue Committee call center (receives about 1.5 calls every day). About 60% of questions from individuals are related to taxes for their taxation objects, debts, tax payment terms.    

The service was implemented in e-Salyk-Azamat mobile app to submit the Declaration on assets and liabilities (250.00 tax statement form) under the nationwide declaring. 

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