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Last update: 30.09.2020

Housing certificates are provided by akimats to families with a low income for acquisition of accommodation. The certificate is issued on the condition of accommodation acquisition under mortgage program approved by the National Bank of RK or state housing construction program. Housing certificates are provided to cover a part of initial installment for housing mortgage. In this material we will tell who can obtain a housing certificate and in which form.

Who can obtain a housing certificate?

Housing certificates can be obtained by individuals referred to vulnerable social groups:

  • families with the disabled children;
  • mothers of large families decorated with “Altyn Alka”, “Kumis Alka” pendants or who obtained “Mother-Heroine” title, and also “Motherhood” Order of 1st and 2nd class, large families;
  • single-parent families.

Besides, the certificates are issued to much-needed specialists in the following fields:

  • healthcare,
  • education,
  • culture,
  • sports and other fields.

The detailed list of the certificate recipient categories is determined by maslikhats of regions, cities of republican significance, capital, districts (cities of regional significance). The sum of housing certificate amounts to no more than KZT 1 (one) million for each recipient and it can only be received once. Housing certificates can be provided as:

  1. social assistance,
  2. social support in the form of public budget loan.

The housing certificates are provided within funds provided for in local budgets for a current financial year. In case of lack of funds, an announcement is published on termination of housing certificates issuance.  

In which cases one or another housing certificate is issued?

A housing certificate in the form of social assistance can be issued under condition, if income of each family member for the last 6 months did not exceed 2 subsistence incomes per month. In 2020, subsistence income is KZT 32.668.

Social assistance is provided on a non-repayable basis. A housing certificate in the form of public budget loan is provided under condition, if income exceeded 2 subsistence incomes for each family member for the last 6 months.

It means that a certificate is issued under condition of average income over KZT 65.336 (subsistence income in 2020 is KZT 32.668).

Social support in the form of public budget loan is provided:

  • for the period up to 15 (fifteen) years
  • at remuneration rate in the amount of 0.01 % per annum.

Procedure for housing certificate obtainment

The housing certificate is valid within a relevant territorial unit of the local executive body, except cases of acquiring accommodation in suburban areas of Nur - Sultan and Almaty. An accommodation can only be bought in a region where akimat put you into a queue.

First, an applicant submits a notification to a second-tier bank on intention to obtain a housing certificate. An application for housing certificate obtainment is submitted  

  • to an administrative office of akimat`s department, which coordinates the spheres of employment, social welfare, construction, housing relations (Administrator);
  • via “Government for Citizens” Public Corporation (hereinafter: CSC).

When applying via CSC, an employee checks the completeness and reliability of documents as well as an applicant`s status and sends the documents to the Administrator on the day of obtainment.

A designated employee of the Administrator calculates the need for funds and sends a positive decision or substantiated refusal to an applicant within 3 (three) working days.

An applicant contacts the Administrator to conlcude an agreement on provision of a housing certificate (hereinafter: Certificate) within 2 (two) working days from the date of decision obtainment.

In case of social assistance provision, an agreement is concluded between an applicant and the Administrator within 2 (two) working days from the date of an applicant’s visit.

When an agreement is concluded, the housing certificate sum is transferred to an applicant`s escrow account/saving account no later than 1 (one) working day.

In case if social support in the form of public budget loan is provided than an agreement is concluded between an applicant, the Administrator and trustee (agent) within 3 (three) working days. Within the stated period, a loan agreement is concluded on provision of public budget loan. The conditions for the provision, repayment and servicing of public budget loans are established by a loan agreement. The fulfillment of obligations on a public budget loan is secured by a pledge, a written guarantee, warranty, or in another way.

An engagement agreement stipulates that a trustee (agent) concludes a loan agreement with a recipient of housing certificate, monitors a recipient`s financial condition, transfers a housing certificate sum, keeps records of the repayment of the public budget loan to the Administrator's account.

A trustee (agent) transfers a housing certificate sum to an applicant's escrow account/saving account no later than 1 (one) working day from the day the loan agreement is concluded. Upon receipt of a housing certificate sum, a bank enters into a bank loan agreement with an applicant, a mortgage agreement (pledge agreement).

Within 5 (five) working days after applying for a mortgage housing loan using a housing certificate, an applicant shall provide the Administrator (trustee (agent) with a copy of bank loan agreement and mortgage agreement (pledge agreement).

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