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Last update: 17.08.2023

 hunter's certificateThe procedure for issuance of hunting permit

Hunting permit is issued for the period 10 years by branches or representative offices of national association of public organizations of hunters and hunting entities.
Simultaneously with hunting permit, the hunter’s recording card  to which the receipt for payment of the state duty is attached, and then the hunter’s personal file is created.

Prior to taking exam on hunting minimum, individuals undergo the training course on hunting minimum program.

Upon finishing the hunting minimum program training, the certificate is issued to individual.
To obtain a hunting permit, individuals shall submit to the association’s branch/representative office the filled-out form.

The term for issuance of hunting permit after submission of documents - 2 working days

  • Renewal of permit upon expiry or in case of loss or being worn-out before expiry term, shall be performed based on hunter’s recording card.
  • De-registration and registration of hunters shall be performed in the event of their moving for permanent residence beyond the jurisdiction (region) where the hunting permit was issued.
    In the event of hunter’s changing place of residence within the boundaries of jurisdiction (region), as well as changes in other data recorded in hunting permit and recording card, a hunter should, within 30 calendar days, report of these changes to the registration office.

The procedure for issuance of fishing permit

The procedure for issuance of huntsman ID


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