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Restrictions and prohibitions to use wildlife objects and fishery resources at water reservoirs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Printable version

Last update: 19.12.2023

The shared use of wildlife, including amateur (sports) fishing at the reserve fund of fishery reservoirs and (or) sites with withdrawal of up to five kilograms per fisher during a visit is carried out without any permits.

Amateur (sports) fishing at the assigned fishery reservoirs and (or) sites is carried out by individuals based on a permit issued by a wildlife user who owns a fishery reservoir and (or) site.

In general, the issues of fish resources use are regulated by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the Protection, Reproduction and Use of Wildlife” as of July 9, 2004 and by-laws thereto. The major ones among those are the Fishing Regulations (Order of the Acting Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of February 27, 2015 No. 18-04/148) and Restrictions and prohibitions to use wildlife objects, their parts and derivatives and establishment of places and terms of their use (Order of the Acting Chairman of the Forestry and Wildlife Committee under Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic Kazakhstan as of July 24, 2015 No. 190).

Thus, when fishing, it is necessary to strictly comply with the established requirements of the legislation as violation of those entails both administrative and criminal liability. 

Aral-Syrdarya reservoir

Balkhash-Alakol reservoir

Yertis reservoir

Yesil reservoir

Nura-Sarys reservoir

Tobyl-Torgai reservoir

Zhaiyk-Caspian reservoir and the Kigach river

Shu-Talas reservoir


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