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Last update: 05.04.2020


The Rules for the registration of persons who are citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, permanently residing in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, willing to adopt orphans, children left without parental care were approved by the Order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Registrаtion of citizens is carried out by bodies exercising functions of guardianship or trusteeship of the district, the city regional, national significance, the capital.

Citizens submit to the body at their place of residence or through the Republican Data Bank a written application (in an arbitrary form) about the desire to adopt an orphan child or a child left without parental care, with the following documents:

  1. Сopy of an identity document;
  2. The written consent of close relatives to adopt a child;
  3. Information on the amount of gross income;
  4. Certificates of marital status;
  5. Information on the health of citizens and close relatives, including mental, the absence of drug (toxic), alcohol dependence;
  6. Certificate of criminal record;
  7. The document confirming the ownership of the dwelling or the right of use of premises.

Before submitting documents, citizens need to sign an electronic digital signature and register a personal e-mail.

In case of applying through the Republican Data Bank, citizens independently enter the Republican Data Bank and activate the bookmark "Registration of a candidate" to create a personal cabinet.

After creating a personal cabinet, citizens fill out a questionnaire, attach scanned versions of documents and sign with their EDS.

Authority checks the right of citizens to be candidates for adoptive parents in accordance with Article 91 of the Code, as well as the completeness and compliance of the submitted documents to the requirements of the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Based on the audit authority within ten calendar days from the date of receipt of application is conducting a survey of living conditions of citizens, the results of which is the act and prepares a report on the possibility or impossibility of citizens to be candidates for adoptive parents.

In cases where compliance with applicable laws citizens authority within fifteen calendar days from the date of receipt of application puts them registered as prospective adoptive parents by making an entry in the register of persons wishing to adopt children. Original positive conclusion, executed on a form Issuing candidates for adoptive parents within five calendar days of signing the conclusion. Positive conclusion is the basis for registration as candidates for adoptive parents and child recruitment.

For each candidate up for adoption there is established private affair which is stored in a separate room in the body at the place of residence.

In cases of non-compliance with applicable laws within five calendar days of signing civil authority informs citizens about negative conclusion with justification. Negative conclusion is grounds for refusal of registration as candidates for adoption. At the same time citizens returned the documents they provided.

In case of disagreement citizens negative opinion can be appealed to a higher state authority (superior officer) or to the judicial authorities in the prescribed manner by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

When troubleshooting nationals admitted deficiencies identified in the negative conclusion, documents again served in the body which considers them in accordance with the requirements of this Regulation.

If prospective adoptive parents choose a child for adoption in the territory of their residence in the area, the city of republican status, capital, organ residence prospective adoptive parents if they wish becomes education authority other area of the city of republican status, capital for further registration in the body as prospective adoptive parents with a written request.

After registration in another area, the city of republican status, capital candidates for adoptive parents derecognied in authority at the place of residence on the basis of a written application.

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